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Wrongful termination attorney Las Vegas NV

Wrongful termination attorney Las Vegas NV is the body of law that defines the rights and obligations within the relationship between employer and employee. This employer-employee relationship can be between employer and potential employees, current employees, or former employees. This consists of numerous Federal and state statutes as well as judicial decisions that regulate a variety of situations, including discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment. Every employee has basic rights in the workplace. Those rights include the right to be free from discrimination, the right to a safe work environment, the right to privacy, the right to fair wages and the right to contest an unfair discharge from employment. Wrongful termination attorney Las Vegas NV rights extend to those applying for job positions and formal employees as well.

Every employer has an obligation to adhere to these national and state employment laws. As with employee rights, employer obligations extend, not only to hired employees, but to job applicants as well. Since the Civil Rights Movement, federal and state governments have enacted a number of laws that prohibit an employer from discriminating against employees on almost all grounds, aside from the quality of the employee's work or the nature of his or her personality. Wrongful termination attorney Las Vegas NV seeks to prevent discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, and age by employers.  

Wrongful termination attorney Las Vegas NV also seeks to prevent employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. Discriminatory practices include but are not limited to bias in hiring and firing, compensation, promotion, job assignment, recruitment and various types of harassment. The United States Constitution and many state constitutions provide additional protection when the employer is a governmental body. Almost every state has anti-discrimination laws that reflect the protections found under federal law. Some state statutes and local ordinances also have more expansive protection than federal law. For example, some state law prohibits discrimination based on marital status or weight.

Below is a general overview of the federal laws regarding employment discrimination and employment law generally. Since employment laws vary greatly from state to state, it is important to understand the employment laws within our state. Wrongful termination attorney Las Vegas NV arises mostly out of the Title VII section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It prohibits an employer with 15 or more employees from discriminating on the basis of race, national origin, gender, or religion during almost any aspect of employment, including interviewing, hiring, assignments, promotion, training, pay, title, hours, vacation, benefits, retirement plans, and other terms of employment. Title VII also protects employees and employers from sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment refers to any unwelcome sexual conduct, including sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, when submitting to or rejecting such conduct unreasonably interferes with an employee’s ability to work or when the conduct creates a hostile or intimidating work environment.


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