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Love you in mind

by cunshang85

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For a long time no news of you, for a long time did not dare to click on your mobile phone gucci belts number, yesterday, hidden in the bottom of my heart that acacia, spring, such as fill the rain finally whole mountain spring, I will be full of words with the name of the Mid-Autumn festival to talk to you...

"Off fruit grain of graintaste the sweet smell of bit by bit light flash memorydense wisps of affectivefly a a dovesing a song by song Que/kiss a burst of autumnal winds embrace a moonlit write a piece of missa a cold day clothes every day a little bit warm loved ones again concern the passage of time drop by drop, iraqis day by day grow old Mid-Autumn festival coming step by step/take the blessings of again and again." Pro, the song named "month Ming when I miss you" poem, is what I wrote to you!

Once the sea touch water, cheap belts I don't entertain wild hope can be together with you life, however, the man you are waiting in the lights dim!

We have not met each other for a full year, didn't contact you and there's a small half a year's time, it is a matter of fact, I want to see you every moment, thinking of you every day in my daily, when the morning breeze and the lingering moon, when the flowers bloom, I can't watch the clouds scud across, I am not calm to face a beautiful spring!

Heart is floating in the air for the first time in my life, like a cloud in the sky, which does not have a certain direction, or piaoxiang boasts beautiful scenery of the jiangnan water, or drift to the north you spend a glacier. Or, in the vast western region on the desert, when the iron horse pentium grasslands, listen to a song that is like concealed, gone with the Buddha sound or just think about all the things we in time and space in the distant future, stepping starlight moonlight, with a wisp of breeze, wearing a suit mountain flower fragrance, built a small, like a pair of fairy general secluded mountain forest productivity, I cheap gucci belts no longer envy may wife poet of the crane, also no longer yearn for shangri-la dogs chicken calls, have you accompany, ask for anything in this lifetime?


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