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Outdoor patio furniture covers

by bobwickerhouse

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Finding the right wicker dining chairs at rattan furniture stores may lead to a new project

Are you looking for rattan furniture that’s the right color to go inside your dining room? If you do not care for the color the wicker dining chairs are originally, you can create your own color that goes perfectly with your dining room table. Sometimes, rattan furniture stores will sell the right color of rattan furniture to match your dining room table. 

Don’t worry if rattan furniture stores don’t carry exactly what you want. This can be good reason to buy wicker dining chairs and add the color or stain yourself. This way you find exactly the wicker furniture pieces you’re looking for inexpensively, and you can have fun decorating wicker furniture exactly how you want!

Bamboo looks an awful lot like rattan 

Did you know that often, people mistake bamboo chairs for rattan chairs purchased from rattan furniture stores? However, there is an easy way to tell the two furniture types apart. Bamboo differs from rattan in that it has a hollow core center and rattan has a solid core center. Another difference is the area where leaves are attached to bamboo; it leaves a pattern of dark colored ridges. With rattan, you cannot see where the leaves were once attached as easily. 

There is also one very important difference between bamboo and rattan. Bamboo tends to split easily and is not as strong as rattan. This is why rattan is a better choice of material for wicker dining chairs and other furniture pieces. 

Protect your valuable rattan pieces with outdoor patio furniture covers 

Protect an outside dining area with outdoor patio furniture covers. This will protect your furniture from the harsh weather elements. However, this isn’t the only reason to use outdoor patio furniture covers. Using outdoor patio furniture covers can also protect your wicker dining chairs from sun fade when it is not in use. 

Are you struggling to find outdoor patio furniture covers that fit your outdoor dining table and chairs? Employees at rattan furniture stores can assist you in finding outdoor patio furniture covers that are the right size. This way if you do have antique rattan furniture, it is not ruined by inclement weather. 

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