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Himes Machinery to Obtain the High quality Machinery and Rob

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Himes machinery deals in used heavy machinery like robotic welding cell machine and is the sellers focused on machining spares along with industries related to big equipment machinery business. One can find various types of big equipments, machinery and spares, which Himes Machinery deals in.


Hefty machinery equipments and their offered at Himes Machinery is CNC, Lathe, Grinders, FAB, Boring, SAWS, EDM, MILLS. These machineries have their own functions and features you can buy these machinery from the eBay store of the Himes machinery at reasonable prices.


The knowledgeable and certified staffs from Himes Machinery provides experience in accuracy and reliability machining many types of machinery like cnc, lathes, grinders, fab, boring, saws, edm, mills, cnc mills, welding positioner, jig borers, Bridgeport type. Himes Machinery frequently practice and do the working hard to be aware of the geometric configurations and specifications offered by their clients.


Himes Machinery routinely maintains a standard of excellent work and commitment to meet up with the customers’ needs by offering premium products to them at low priced shipping services. Their team members are always prepared to serve all of the requirements of their consumers.


Himes Machinery Robotic Welding Cell Machine - Characteristics and Versions


Himes machinery provide OTC/Daihen 6-axis robotic welding cell new: 8 / 2007 with under described specifications:



Condition: Excellent

Price - $79,900

Technical specs of OTC / Daihen robot control are:

Serial - L9672YZ5661410, Model - AXCAN1-U000


Features of OTC/Daihen digital inverter are:

Serial - P10500YDK127871007, Model - DP500


Robot Reach: 55.5"

ROBOT Features:


Arm Revolving J1: +/- 170°


Lower Arm J2: -155° to +90°


Upper Arm J3: -170° to +180°


Wrist Swing J4: +/- 155°


Wrist Bending J5: -45° to +225°


Wrist Swing J6: +/- 205°

Maximum. Velocity Arm Revolving J2: 2.62 RAD/S (150°/S)


Maximum. Speed Lower Arm J2: 2.79 RAD/S (160°/S)


Max. Velocity Upper Arm J3: 2.97 RAD/S (170°/S)


Maximum. Pace Wrist Swing J4: 5.93 RAD/S (340°/S)


Maximum. Acceleration Wrist Bending J5: 5.93 RAD/S (340°/S)


Maximum. Speed Wrist Twist J6: 9.08 RAD/S (520°/S)


Robot has 12' of Travel on Arc worker Robot Track via AC Servo


Rack & Pinion - Drive on Linear Guide Techniques


Robot Servo Motor with Brake & RV Gear box, 1 Arc Min. Backlash




Headstock is actually AC Servo Powered Constant Torque 32,745 In.-Lbs. at 10.8 RPM


Distance Between the Blanchard Ground 22" Dia. Face Plates: 176" Maximum. Swing: 60"


Weight Limit: 5,456 Lbs. at 6" Offset


Revolution: 1420° Maximum. With Infinite Position Range


Control & Programming is by the Robot Teach Pendant


Weld Ground Capacity: 500 Amplifiers at 100% Duty Cycle


Welding Grounds at the Headstock & Tailstock


5716308 New 8/2007 Model - AXMV4AP1-NEFU


Backed Up With


OTC/Daihen Wire Feeder, Model - AF-4001


System Control Teach Pendant


Miller Coolmate 4 Chiller


Tough gun Torch Tender


(2) Regulator Flow Meters


Complete Collection of Instructions & CD


Controlled Magnetics 18 KVA Transformer


The Base the Robot Travels on is attached to the Positioner. Base with (2) 17" Long Connecting Arms Attached to Each Bases. All round Measurements of Both Bases Screwed Together: 18' L x 91" W

Positioner: 18' L x 38" W x 48" H


Robot on Base: 200" L x 41" W x 102" H


Overall Measurements of Rack along with Robot Control, Digital Inverter, and 18 KVA Transformers & Disconnects: 87" L x 28" W x 62" H


Take note from Himes Machinery USA: There is NO Safety Cage with this System.


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