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Maintenance Tips for the Exhaust Fans throughout Your House

by staciseverns

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The exhaust fans spread out across your house help facilitate proper ventilation by keeping the air from perpetually circulating throughout the place, thereby preventing the spread of many harmful substances. To keep these trusty home components working at the top of their game, it's important that you know how to regularly clean and maintain your sturdy exhaust fans.

Many home maintenance professionals believe that at the very least, you should clean your exhaust fan once a year. Old and new exhaust fans should have different cleaning processes, depending on the differences in design of both. Older fans, for instance, should be regularly lubricated with oil to keep it working smoothly, whereas the more modern models are designed to be permanently lubricated. For the old model, remove the fan grill from the housing via the screws that attach the two components, and thoroughly clean each part.

Some modern exhaust fans are also attached by screws, while others by tensioned metal springs, though either one is usually inserted deep into the fan's housing slots. Before you start working on it, make sure that you're safe by turning off or disconnecting the fans from any source of electrical power. Remove the fasteners and vacuum the components properly to get rid of any dust or caked dirt.

It's also important that you check the vents and ductwork that lead from the room to the outside cap, which could be located in the roof or an exterior wall. Check this cap to ensure that it's properly sealed and undamaged by weather or debris, as any leakage may lead to water damage that destroys not only your vents but most of your home's interior as well.

Aside from these cleaning and inspection, you should also check for any signs of wear or tension loss in the fan's belt; have it replaced if you think the belt is already too damaged to work properly. Do the same inspection to the fan blades and, if necessary, you can always opt to buy brand-new Delhi fans, or whichever your chosen brand may be.

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