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Bridal Makeup Artist Jacksonville FL, Jacksonville Bridal Ma

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Brides these days want the best of everything for their marriage. The best digital cameras, outfit, and of course, their best face forward. Wedding brides spend sometimes lots of money just on photography alone, so looking their best on their wedding day is essential.

Your goal on the marriage day is to be a little bit more captivating version of yourself and not just a lady who is playing the role of a bride. The important point to be remembered is to not use an amount of make-up, hair product and styling and accessories where you can’t identify the lady looking back in the mirror.

The best marriage day makeup advice for a bride is to look like her but just enhanced. Whether you are the bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaid, visitor, or the bridal makeup artist specialist, you may be in need of guidelines on how to get the perfect wedding makeup look by our wedding makeup artist jacksonville. Before going further in to the wedding and makeup’s, let us understand what actually the term “makeup” is

  1. The composition or constitution of something
  2. Cosmetics applied on body to change/alter/modify or enhance your appearance
  3. The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament

On the day of the marriage bride always want to look simple and wonderful. They don’t go for make-up on a regular basis so they really don’t want to exaggerate it on the special event. They just want the makeup to be as an improved fancy version of them. No wedding outfit is complete without the enhancement of the perfect accessories. While jewelry and gemstones is a girl's best friend, where as hair accessories are a great way to style your wedding dress with the finishing touches. The makeup a bride wears on her wedding day is extremely important and needs to be regarded with caution.

Some don’ts which you have to prevent at the time of makeup

  1. Do not wear makeup that is not waterproof. 
  2. Stay away from bold eye shadows
  3. Don’t try to match your foundation yourself. 
  4. Avoid shiny blushes. 
  5. Avoid stylish lip shades.

 Some do’s which you need to adhere to for makeup

  1. Don’t delay the things to be performed regarding makeup before the wedding.
  2. I always recommend dressed in a little more blush than normal on your wedding day, as dressed in all bright can tend to make you look washed-out in photos
  3. If you do not normally use a lot of makeup I would recommend remaining light on your wedding day as well
  4. It’s always recommend keeping blotting papers on hand as well. 
  5. Prefer makeup to look fresh not glowing as brides get anxious and nervous and they sweat
  6. Waterproof and highly water resistant makeup preferred.
  7. Eye Highlighter Pencil is a must in hand

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