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Choosing the Right Material for Your Business Card Templates

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The advancements in printing technology has given rise to innovations in printing premium business cards on materials such as silk, cotton and plastic. The materials can come in many finishes including plain, matt, textured, wooden, foiled etc. Before printing the cards, you should know what to choose for the material choice.


The Simple Ones

Many free business cards are printed in the plain form. The classic types were of the same too. Yet the innovations in templates have given way to premium business cards with many finishes that can make them look appealing to the audience. The classic ones with a smoothened surface is still on demand owing to their lightweight properties. In addition, the coated ones such as those using satin can be lightweight and considerably cheaper. These are preferred by low budget business types such as taxi drivers, traders etc. The advantage is that, you can carry them in bulk, and even print them with ease. Some choose to laminate the cards to protect them and to give them a professional touch. You get both paper and plastic cards available in the plain form.  


Textured Cards

These types are widely used, owing to the ease of printing designs on them. They are thick, and can look really good with only text on them. The designs and logos might not give that sharpness you find on the smoothened surfaces such as those on photography business cards. However, designers choose this to create cards for professionals such as architects and attorneys. These are flexible in style, and can take up any shape you want.


Modern Materials

These are very durable, and can offer a good impression on the audience. These were once used by those working in unpredictable weather and environment conditions. However, owing to their design flexibility and durability, many are going for the plastic types that are great attention-getters. They are great for photography business cards and others that are in similar businesses. The material is cool to print any design, and can make every detail appear clear and sharp. Those who give a lot of aesthetic importance to their business cards can go luxury material choices such as silk and seude. Depending upon the richness of the material, the price can change. There are those with UV finishes to highlight some information in the card. These are with three-dimensional effect, and are great for professional designers and architects who would want to highlight their their areas of business.

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