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4300 Commercial Automatic Door Opener by Marc Mendelsohn-Uni

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The 4300 Commercial ADA Compliant handicap automatic door opener is designed to function in commercial & public applications.


The arm of the automatic door opener does not attach to the door so the door swings freely until the switch is activated which sends a signal to open the handicap automatic door. A door closer is necessary on the opposite side of the automatic door opener to close the door.


Handicap door openers should always be installed on the inside of the space to protect them from the weather and possible vandalism.


The jamb-mount handicap door opener pushes the door open and door-mount automatic door opener pulls the door open. The type of unit you will need to order is determined by evaluating if you need to push or pull the door open with the handicap door opener mounted on the inside.


When ordering a wall switch for the exterior we recommend the use of our weather box which is built to withstand extreme temperatures and will last a lot longer than a regular exterior switch installed on the outside.


While all our switches are available both wired and wireless (with 9v battery), all our 4300 handicapped door openers require factory installation of a remote receiver unit in the automatic door opener in order for the handicap automatic door to receive a wireless signal.

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