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Things to Know About Frozen Yogurt Franchises

by josephcarr

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According to Karen Borsari in an article for, frozen yogurt has become a 2 billion dollar industry with a majority of consumers being female. It is no wonder then that some budding entrepreneurs are buying yogurt franchises. Since there's a market for this product there is always a chance that you can achieve success.

Many Americans today are going for healthier options when it comes to eating out, and frozen yogurt is certainly a delicious and healthy treat. Filled with healthy probiotics that are good for one's digestion, frozen yogurt has a tangy and sweet taste that some people find irresistible. If you are thinking of buying a yogurt franchise, you need to find a unique selling point for your customers.

Most trendy yogurt places claim to offer healthy options to their clientele but would often serve toppings that use artificial sweeteners. According to Borsari, these so-called “healthy” snack toppers add a significant amount of calories. To stand out from the competition, you can choose a franchise that focuses primarily on the natural flavors of fruits and berries.

If you go for fruit toppings, says Barsari, then you won't be packing a lot of calories; hence, you'll be serving your customers something that is simultaneously delicious and healthy. Some frozen yogurt franchise opportunities offer their customers a wide selection of natural flavors so they can create their own unique flavors. Additionally, if you choose the right franchise then there is instant brand recognition; thus you don't need to work too hard to create buzz since there is already a built-in customer base.

People know that you are serving delicious and nutritious products so you just need to properly manage the franchise. There are still huge risks in a franchising system but franchisors will give you the proper training and continuous support through it all. Just make sure that you understand the terms completely so you won't end up regretting your decision.

By making sure that you are genuinely offering a healthy and delicious product, you can achieve success with your frozen yogurt franchise. If you are interested in learning more about the world of franchising, you can browse through

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