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Garage Door Design, Size and Garage Door Repair Westfield

by adviandrey

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Doors come in standard sizes and can also be custom made to fit. The most popular heights are 7 and 8 feet, but taller doors are also becoming popular for storage of boats, RVs and other recreation vehicles. The thicknesses vary from 1 to 2 inches. Popular widths include K, 9 or 10 feet for single doors and 16 or 18 feet for double doors. Some companies offer triple doors that are 24 feet wide. The width can often be modified in a variety of increments, depending on the company and style. Several companies will customize doors in unusual shapes. It is important to choose the best door or repair the old or existing door with advanced features. This could be done by hiring garage door repair Westfield.


All doors have one or two springs that move the door up and down. There are two types of springs: torsion and extension. A torsion spring is wrapped around a metal bar that goes above the door. The most commonly used spring; it can lie used on most garage doors and is considered to be superior and safer than extension springs. Extension springs go above the track on either side of the door. This is an older system that is commonly used on lighter doors and sometimes costs less.

Cycle Life

Because garage doors are now commonly used as a primary entrance for the home, they get more use than in the past. Industry standards require 10,000-cycle hardware, but many manufacturers produce doors below these standards. Homeowner can order garage doors in higher ranges up to 100.000 cycles for doors that are used heavily. The springs are the most expensive cyclerated part and may cost $150 to $350 or more to replace. Use this formula to calculate the cycle life homeowner need: N - Number of times homeowner open and close the door each day C - Rated cycle life of the door homeowner are purchasing “Y “Number of years the door will function before major repairs are needed thick, glossy, high-quality, L'V-rated paint is applied to the door sections and hardware (powder coating is optional). This gives the door added protection over the coil-coating process and is available in a wide range of colors, which can be stocked by the garage manufacturer. Doors are available flush or with raised panels, recessed panels, grooves, glass insets and decorative trim. A new popular design is the carriage or Iram door style, which appears to swing open but actually lifts up. Some doors are available that swing out, as they did 100 years ago. But the building codes in some areas prevent installing swing-open doors for safety reasons. They are also impractical because of the issue of snow removal and because they take up a lot of space when opened. If something goes wrong with the garage door then hire the garage door repair Westfield professional.

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