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The Actual Cost of Affordable Health Insurance

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Affordable health insurance is now available at low monthly premiums in a variety of plans. Many of those are offered through PPOs, HMOs, point of service plans, and the long-standing fee-for-service arrangement with a doctor or medical facility.


Although the health marketplace will vary in the benefits they provide between states, every new health insurance policy is required to provide essential health benefits in 10 specific categories. Every policy must contain coverage for essential health benefits that include emergency care, laboratory services, ambulatory (outpatient) care, prevention, wellness, hospitalization, pediatric care, maternity and newborn care, substance use disorder, mental health, rehabilitation, prescription medications and habitation.


Details of Each Plan

Before selecting the most affordable health insurance for you and your family, it is important to examine every detail of the plans that are offered. This would include the actual costs of a monthly premium, along with any co-pay, deductible, or coinsurance. Every healthcare insurer will need to provide a summary of their offered benefits that is easy to read. In addition, it should list the entire amount of health coverage they provide in an effort to allow you the ability to compare plans. Many plans that look identical to each other actually have a variety of out-of-pocket expenses that need to be considered.


High Deductible Policies

There are some affordable insurance policies that are available that offer a high deductible. However, some of the deductibles are so high that it is much like providing no insurance for health at all. This is because the cause a preventative health might be substantially high enough that the individual cannot actually afford to visit their doctors in an effort to reach their deductible amount before the insurance policy begins to pay.


Insurance for the Middle-Aged

For the individual that is aged between 50 and 64, they will likely need to search for affordable health insurance it has only a minimal out-of-pocket expense. This will help them avoid the potential of declining access to much-needed care. Studies indicate that nearly one out of every three adults that fall just below the Medicare eligibility age spends approximately 10% of their income (after taxes) on health care.


In fact, even though 60% of every American in this age group is employed, most are not eligible to receive employer health benefits, or work for companies that do not offer coverage. As a result, changes in the affordable healthcare act will make it more beneficial for this age group to receive the health benefits they require.

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