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Watch The Canyons Online It's hard to reconcile that this is the work of veteran director Paul Schrader, who wrote such seminal films as Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. Ellis wrote this story for the screen, but The Canyons alternates between feeling like a bad, pulpy novel and a dull but salacious soap opera. Like Ellis' American Psycho and Less Than Zero (both were novels made into films), Canyons features spoiled, morally bankrupt young people with plenty of money but little sense.

Dreary from start to finish, The Canyons is like a movie a novice might cobble together, given that it's inert, awkwardly shot, badly edited and weighed down by stilted dialogue and amateurish performances.

Watch The Canyons Online But everything I heard from the set, and the few times that I visited it, it was calm and quiet." In the flick, Lohan plays Hollywood social climber, Tara, who is dating trust funder-turned-Hollywood exec, Christian (Deen), while also trying to manage her feelings for her ex, struggling actor, Ryan (Funk). Maybe that feeling of being stuck in the middle is something Lohan could relate to while playing Tara. "I was rarely on set. I was on set a couple of days, all I know is what I heard from James and what I heard from Nolan,

Watch The Canyons Online occasionally... 'The Canyons' wasn't [difficult]. Watch The Canyons Online Most of the time, it was smooth. I think there was tension between Lindsay and James because I think Lindsay, she began to trust James a lot more as they rehearsed and as they shot the film," he explained. He added, "In the beginning she felt like 'Why am I working with a porn star?' Well, that's moot. Then, I think, she began to get a little frightened that he was stealing her thunder," he said, noting that Schrader and him began to form a bond on set. Ellis said, "She was obviously going through something. She brought that to the role [of Tara]. It helped inform the role." "The Canyons" will be available on demand, on digital download and in select theaters on August 2. Watch The Canyons Online

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