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Why Authorities Recommend a Roofer in Tampa Instead of Outsi

by scarletweingarten

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The crusade against fraudulent roofers continues. In 2012, the police in Polk County arrested five people who attempted to rip off a homeowner by convincing her that the roof in her home needed repairs, which actually didn't, based on a prior legitimate inspection. The fraudsters were caught in a sting operation—a bad time for those looking to make a quick buck illegally.

Authorities say local roofers are the best choice; they're legally bound to local laws and know the place better than outsiders. It’s even better if the local roofer is certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, a legitimate Tampa roofer responds to a call from the homeowner, not the other way around; he doesn’t trudge around tornado-ravished homes to offer his services.

Legally Bound

Laws differ among states, cities, or towns. The government recommends local roofers because they are well-versed with the regulations of their area, and will work with homeowners within the boundaries of these laws. In addition, the local administration has a record of all legitimate businesses in the vicinity. Thus, they can respond to any complaints about a local roofing company immediately.

BBB Certified

While certification by the BBB isn't required for businesses, the BBB seal boosts a company’s credibility. The search for BBB-certified roofing contractors in Tampa is a breeze by using the BBB's vast database on their local chapter's website. The database is updated often so users can see any complaints and unresolved issues about a specific business.


A roofer appearing on your doorstep may sound like professional initiative, but legitimate contractors don't do this. They respect the customer's decision, no matter how dilapidated the roof looks, and they assume that the homeowners have contacted another company to fix it. Besides, the more industrious roofing companies hardly have the time to knock on doors as they’re likely to be busy working for clients who specifically requested for them to do repairs or installation.

When you’re faced with roof problems, always keep in mind that legitimate roofers are just a call away. You don’t need to grab the first person who knocks on your door for fear that you might run out of roofers. Get the full story on the Polk County sting at for more information. In addition, visit the BBB website at for tips on how to avoid fraud knocking on your door.

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