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Why outdoor wicker furniture is best for patios

by bobwickerhouse

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If you have a patio, resin wicker furniture may be the best option to create a comfortable space for guests and give you a beautiful place to retreat. Why is outdoor wicker furniture superior to other types of outdoor furniture?

For one, some people may not find plastic furniture comfortable in the summer. The sun can cause plastic to heat to extreme temperatures and make furniture hard to sit on because guests might suffer burns. Vinyl is not much better, because chairs are hot and guests have a tendency to stick to the furniture in the heat. With wicker patio furniture, guests don’t have to worry about becoming uncomfortable. Outdoor wicker furniture is equipped to handle such challenges, and this is why wicker chairs have replacement cushions on them. 

Aluminium and steel chairs may catch rainwater

Many other substitutes for patio furniture, such as steel or aluminium chairs, will catch rainwater. They often leave huge puddles that guests have to dump out before sitting on damp seating. While it’s not good for wicker to get wet, guests would at least have seating where they would not have to drain the water off before sitting down.

Some patio furniture is heavy and thus, not easy to move around. If you have a seating change, it may be better to ask a guest to move rather than try to move an outdoor wooden patio chair. With resin wicker furniture, your wicker patio furniture is protected to a degree should it rain. The other nice thing about wicker patio furniture is that it is lightweight and easy to move around. This way you do not ever have to ask guests to move.

 Outdoor wicker furniture that is made of resin wicker is easy to care for

Did you know that resin wicker furniture is very easy to care for and is already treated to withstand humidity and rain, if necessary? However, some people try to save money by buying wooden patio furniture that’s not treated properly against the elements or may give guests splinters. Outdoor wicker furniture is splinter-free and since resin wicker furniture is protected against the elements, it will last a long time. However, you may want to have outdoor covers for resin wicker furniture, so that you can protect it from the rain as much as possible. 

What happens when wicker patio furniture gets wet and starts to mould? Cleaning off the mould is easy. Homeowners simply need to spray their outdoor wicker furniture with bleach water and let it dry well and scrub with a toothbrush. This will eliminate mould on treated resin wicker and keeps your wicker patio furniture from smelling fresh! 

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