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Biothesiometer – the true friend for all diabetic patients

by diabeticfootcare

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It is a true medical fact that people who are suffering from high diabetes are highly susceptible to diabetic neuropathy. This problem generally occurs to those who are suffering from diabetes over a long period of time. Prolonged condition of diabetes can seriously affects the nervous system and the poor blood circulation leads of loss of sensation in the peripheral parts of the body. Therefore, it is essential for all people who are suffering from diabetics to undergo some tests that are prescribed for diabetic patients. Periodical checkup can help to ensure about the neurological damage in the body. Biothesiometer or Digital biothesiometer is a popular and advanced equipment that is used for testing the vibration in human body.


Biothesiometer is a tuning fork that operates on electricity and its amplitude is completely adjustable to particular ranges that can record the observed data of human sensation. Various age old practices are used to study the human sensation and it includes pin prick test, cotton wool test, tuning fork test etc. But the major drawback of these tests is that they are subjective and do not provide any status of the problem on empirical basis.


Biothesiometer is easy to use instrument. Usually, a probe is fixed to a part of the body especially to the toes which is then allowed to vibrate with high intensity. This vibration is caused with the use of a dial until the patients feel any kind of vibration. This dial consists of several divisions that range from 0 to 50 voltages. It can thus record the exact volt at which the diabetic patient feels the sensation of vibration. The higher the voltage the more will be the susceptibility to the loss of sensation. It indicates that the patient have high chances of developing diabetic neuropathy.


Digital Biothesiometer is convenient and easy to use equipment. There are several manufacturers who design this equipment and in order to make their device effective and accurate they also send their qualified technical staffs for demonstration and calibration. As per the research it is found that patients whose Biothesiometer reading is around 40-50 volts are more susceptible to Diabetic neuropathy. With time Biothesiometer has become an essential tool for measuring diabetes. They can easily record the pertaining data of the patients and even the results can be obtained in the form of hardcopy. They can be connected to the PC and laptops which mean it can be stored for future use. It is advisable for the diabetic patient to undergo Biothesiometer test periodically to assess the degree of damage to the nervous system. It can also enable patients to take the requisite steps before it gets too late for any kind of treatments. For more details you can browse the online websites.



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