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Several LCD Timer Remote Control for Photography Enthusiasts

by vekky

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The timer remote control is mainly for photography enthusiasts and photographers. Today I will list you three fifferent kinds of LCD timer remote control.

1. Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Control Shutter Release

Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Control is suitable for EOS1DS/1D/7D/5D markII/50D/5D Mark III to use. This is one with 80 cm cable and self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer and exposure frame counting function remote control switch. Timer can be set anywhere from one second to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds. Plug is connected to the camera with quick-lock feature, the new dial let you easily enter the set number only using your thumb figures. LCD screen is also provided lighting. Back of the controller has an accommodating EOS-3 remote control socket cap hole.

Main features: 1, the self-timer; 2, interval shooting; 3, B gate (long exposure); 4, the number of shots setting. Plug is connected to the camera with quick-lock feature.


Electric accurate time control with LCD display
Delay time, Long exposure time, Interval time management
Multi photos shooting number setting: 0 ~ 99, or unlimited
Mechanical shutter design make it works when w/wo battery
Low power consumption
LCD panel can be illuminated in the dark environment


Dimension: 15.4cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 1.8 cm (D) (cord excluded)
Display: 1.2” LCD Screen
Color: Black
Cord Length: 80cm
Power Supply: One lithium CR2032 (3V) button battery
Weight: 105g

2. LCD Timer Remote Control for Nikon MC-DC2 D7000 D90 D3100 D5100

This Nikion MC-DC2 Timer Remote is a professional level camera remote control device with 80 cm cable and self-timer. Shooting for the precise control of the delay time, exposure time, number of shots, and more features. It provides accurate to the second delay time, interval time, long exposure time, and the preset number of consecutive shots. You can preset time 1-99 seconds, you can easily push the buttons to adjust the number, and can be displayed on the LCD screen time setting. The LCD screen also equipped with background light, under the dim light also can operate well on the screen.


* Precise control via the LCD screen digital time
* Delay, long exposure and interval shooting function
* Multi-set the number of pictures
* In the case of whether the battery can be used shutter button
* Low power consumption
* LCD screen can be illuminated in dark environments


Size: 15.4cm (length) x 4cm (W W) x 1.8 cm (height) (excluding cable)
Display: 1.2 "LCD screen
Color: Black
Power: AAA7 batteries 2

3.LCD Timer Remote for Sony RM-S1AM A900 A700 A350 A300 A200 A100

SONY RM-S1AM Timer Remote Control adopt universal multi-function keys, are custom-made professional auxiliary tool for professional photographers shooting with timing control shutter and exposure time and other functions, suitable for interval timer shooting and astronomical photography, very accurate and useful.

Sony LCD Timer Remote Control features:
1. An automatic timer - you can set the delay time, exposure time, interval time and number of shots
2, support for manual shutter release - even start the timer, you can manually capture
3, the precise timing can be set in units of 1 second time from 1 second to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds can be
4, support for manual exposure, BULB, interval timer, automatic continuous AF, leaflets Continuous (shutter priority)


Display Illumination: support lit 6 seconds
Release button: Support for general remote control half press focus and full-press the shutter release
Connect the camera: You can lock remote control socket
Wire length: 85cm
Power supply: two AAA batteries
Battery life: as the case may be (without a power switch, remove the battery when not in use)
Ambient temperature: -20 - 50 degrees
Dimensions: about 40 W W × 20 thick length D mm H × 143
Weight: without battery 105g (excluding choke toroid)

The LCD timer remote control with so many functions are easy to use and can really a better accessories for your shooting. Are you looking for a camera timer remote control? I mentioned above that are all good but cheap, you can go to LinkDelight to have a look at the three timer remote.

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