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UAE Web Hosting

by amjad9232

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How To Select The Right Hosting Provider


There are numerous hosting providers and many different plans to choose from which makes it difficult to select one from all the available options. To begin with create a list of features you want and compare what different hosting providers are offering. Next step would be to search for the company which meets your requirements and only after that you should host your site with the company which meets all the requirements.


Step 1 – List Requirements


You will need answers for these questions:


  1. What is the amount of disk space required for present as well as future requirements?
  2. What is the total bandwidth needed now as well as in the next 2 years?
  3. What kind of traffic you are expecting on your site?
  4. Are you ready to accept some amount of downtime for your site?
  5. Do you want to book the domain name also from the hosting company?
  6. How many email addresses do you require?
  7. Which language do you prefer for your website, PHP Hosting, .Net Hosting or some other?
  8. Will a database be required in the backend?
  9. Are you planning to make an ecommerce site with features such as payment gateway and shopping cart?
  10. Do you want to make a secured site with SSL implementation?
  11. What kind of visitor traffic reports do you want?
  12. Which system reports such as CPU and RAM usage, network performance, do you want?
  13. What is the frequency for generation of various reports, such as monthly or weekly reports?
  14. Which type of support services you are looking at, support tickets, email, phone or all of them?
  15. Are you looking for only local hosting companies?
  16. Do you require remote access for the server?
  17. Is installing third party software required for your website?
  18. Do you want a dedicated account manager for your hosting account?
  19. What is the price range you have in mind?


Step 2 – Search for the right company


At the time you search for the right hosting company, you will need answers for the following questions:


  1. Are you getting 24/7 support and in how much time the company replies to your queries?
  2. Will you get a service level agreement from the web hosting company?
  3. How long the company has been established and is it legitimate?
  4. What type of security the company has developed, both physical as well as network?
  5. What answers do they have if major power outage takes place or any of the backbone links disrupts?
  6. Are you able to talk in person with the representatives of the company?
  7. Does the company allow site visits?
  8. Are you able to find recommendations from other customers about this hosting company?


You can use various avenues to search for the right hosting company ranging from search engines, forums, friends to local business directories. You also need to look for special deals some of the companies offer which stand out from the rest and would prove cost effective for you.

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