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Good Books about Family Values Encompass All Kinds of Politi

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What image enters your head when you think about family values? In modern society, it depends on your point of view, but liberalism and conservatism often clash due to different views. Yet, amidst the friction lies the need to look for things that define a family.

Both views create compelling arguments: liberalism thinks people need help, while conservatism says people must work for it. In the family, it's either instilling morals or strength in the child to create either a fulfilled or self-reliant member of society. Several good books about family values explain the subject in a more neutral way that's neither liberal nor conservative.

Trust and Discipline Trust is important to instill in kids, but it's also important to make them recognize authority. Parents can let the child do what they want in life, but they need to sift through the child's actions and discern right from wrong. Experts say the way parents raise their children reflects what they're likely to become in the future.

Ethics and Morals They may seem like synonyms, but they're different in the eyes of liberals and conservatives. As ethics are based on social norms (or what society sees as proper), morals are based on individualistic views of what's right and wrong. Neither of the two works alone; a community that turns a blind eye on theft as if it's commonplace or an individual who imposes his principles onto others is bad, whatever the view may be.

Love Regardless of the way liberalism and conservatism play a role in raising families, there's a certain element inherent in both systems: love. Whether parents instill nurturing or tough love on their children, as long as the intent of building potential or character exists, both are regarded as forms of love. A good read on family values explains love in the simplest context possible without touching on political convictions. After all, love is the foundation of families and balanced societies.

In the end, there's no universally accepted definition. Family values depend on how people see things as they are, which creates an appropriate response. If you need more information on the liberal and conservative views on family values, features a nifty infographic for your reference.

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