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Visit Shenzhen - The Hotspot of Business & Entertainment

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Are you looking forward to a different journey this time? Journeys not to the jungles or to the waters, not to historical monuments or holy places, turn the pages of history of a city. A city that has emerged from the historical ruins to become the icon of economy and entertainment, pay a visit to Shenzhen. Located on the eastern shore of the Pearl River, Shenzhen is the first Special Economic Zone of China. From just being a Chinese fishing village, it has become one of the most populated Chinese cities, known for employment, business opportunities, food streets and both cheap and luxury hotels in Shenzhen. The prime reason of growth of this city is the massive investment done in this city both by Chinese and international business organizations. Thus if you are out to seek a career in China or you want to visit the modern Chinese city life, Shenzhen is your destination.

Shenzhen is often referred to as the window of the world, as it is a home to a marvelous theme park. This park displays more than 130 world famous sites and monuments in miniature versions from the five continents. A house of theme parks, Shenzhen’s largest theme park is the Happy Valley. Happy Valley is very popular with kids because of its cartoon city, adventure hill and various types of sports, games and performances. Keeping in mind the immense popularity of this theme park, various hotels in Shenzhen has their accommodation facilities within the theme park. Shenzhen has not forgotten its past and as a remembrance, it has built two sites highlighting Chinese culture and scenic beauty; the Splendid China and China Folk Culture Villages, these are the soul of Chinese art and all Chinese festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show.

Visiting the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden will make you forget that Shenzhen is a hard core modern metropolis. From the greenhouse to the spooky forest, you can spend a whole day amidst nature. Shenzhen has two exotic beaches to boast of. From recreational facilities to seafood, Shenzhen beaches have lots to offer you. If you love to spend most of your time at beaches, you have lots of resorts and hotels in Shenzhen situated near the beaches.

Visiting a new place and not tasting its local cuisine is really not fair. Hotels in Shenzhen let you relish the taste of real Chinese food at their restaurants and bars and also at the privacy of your room with their 24 hour dining service. Thus, be it a business trip or a vacation, Shenzhen can be your perfect destination where you can enjoy a hassle free stay at the several resorts and hotels suiting your pocket.

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