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Life in the cottages - Coonoor

by anonymous

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Every country have their own special qualities which reflects in their culture. Ever thought why tourist visits different places, what people look for while traveling? People go vacationing to various places for a change of environment. But what supersedes all is the desire to acquire knowledge and information. We travel to learn about different culture and history of different places. Some also try to know how communities or societies, quite different from their own exists in different corners of the world.


Exploring gives us the idea about the lively hood of people staying in various geographical locations. It allows us to see the reality and hardships of life rather than just read about it. These experiences are quite valuable and the tourist know it. Which is why they take the pain of visiting foreign countries for the sake of it. If you are looking for gathering a cultural experience as unique as ever then India is the best place you can plan to visit.


Among all the places, Coonoor, Ooty is a location which can provide a wide range of activities to cherish your whole life. Ooty's excellent weather, silence, freshness of green valleys & mountains of Nilgiris at Coonoor or Ooty will take you to a better relaxing mind level. You can find many hotels and resorts in Ooty who provide quality service to tourists during their stay. But the sad part is you won't be able to see the real every-day life of the place. Why? People are not ignorant of the way Hotels run or operate. One can find every facility in hotels of course, but they don't reflect what the specialty of a place are. To have a generic idea about people as well as the location you should choose to stay in the cottages in Ooty. It’s otherwise known as Homestay. They are run by small families in India where the owner of the cottage stays with you to take care of all your needs. You would get home-cooked meals and foods with the local spices to compliment your taste-buds.


You get a chance to interact with local people and also to learn a lot about the place. These people take care and treat you as family and guide you through the area with a much experienced intellect. As they are localites, they have a broader knowledge about the history as well as other locations of the Coonoor which tour guides might skip. Sun valley Homestay in Ooty is one such institution which brings you the best cottages in Ooty. It is considered the best Homestay in Coonoor, Ooty.


It promises to bring you peace and tranquility as its located away from the chaos of the city. Not only that but cottage life in Coonoor gives you access to know about its culture closely. Sun Valley has adventure tourism, trips, trekking, avalanche visit etc in store for you.They take you trough the different attractions such as Nilgiri Hills, Tea gardens etc safely but with a sense of adventure. As a tourist you get to administer the value of true Indian hospitality showed by families towards their guest. So plan your adventurous tour to Coonoor to earn a rich experience of life.


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