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The Differences Between Diesel and Gas Engines

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Used Honda engines can be either diesel or gasoline, to understand the difference between the two you first have to have an understanding of the way in which combustion takes place in the different engines. To a layman one engine looks the same as the other engine, indeed both diesel and gas engines are internal combustion engines that use the reciprocal power of pistons to create mechanical energy which in turn propels the vehicle. The big difference is what happens inside the engine to make the pistons move up and down, it is inside where the differences in operation and efficiency take place.


In a typical gasoline engine, gasoline is mixed with air; this mixture is then compressed as a piston moves upwards in the cylinder. When the mixture is fully compressed, it is ignited by a spark plug, an explosion occurs and the piston is forced down. As this continues to happen, the crankshaft turns.


Used Honda engines that run on diesel operate differently to produce the energy needed to turn the crank. As a piston goes up in a cylinder, air in the cylinder is compressed. As air compresses it heats up dramatically, combustion happens when the piston is at the top of its stroke and diesel is sprayed into the hot air in the combustion chamber. This spray of fuel is ignited instantly; the gases then force the piston down, turning the crank. In a diesel engine there is no need for a spark plug because the fuel auto-combusts when it is injected into the superheated air in the combustion chamber. It is the lack of a spark that differentiates a gasoline engine and a diesel engine.


The consumer has to choose between a diesel and gasoline engine when he purchases the vehicle. In favor of the diesel is far better economy than gasoline, however, a diesel engine is dirtier and as a result requires considerably more maintenance. If well maintained, a diesel engine will last longer than its gas counterpart; this is due in part to the fact that gasoline is more corrosive than diesel fuel. In commercial vehicles it is not uncommon for a diesel engine to last half a million miles or more.


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