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Tips to Improve Your SEO Reseller Relationship

by ocereUK

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The relationship between SEO Reseller and client should be a highly positive one, in order to deliver benefits for both parties. An SEO or IT reseller works with digital marketing agencies, PR agencies, sales forces, tech companies and marketing firms to handle aspects of the firms’ digital marketing needs. The reseller can work either under the client’s own branding, or on a referral basis. How do you find the perfect SEO match? And how do you work together in a way that brings the best benefits?

Successful resellers go the extra mile to keep clients happy but they need some help from their clients to form the perfect partnership. You may be able to cut the reins entirely once you have progressed in the working relationship but at the beginning you need to work together to be clear what you want and need, and how the reseller is going to deliver.

Being able to speak to the same person or team every time you contact the company is also important. Building up a rapport is easier once you know you can get in touch at any time and for different kinds of issues. A good relationship is based on successful communication, and it is also important that the SEO reseller is familiar with your company and the work it does.

Keep up the momentum for a successful partnership that lasts longer than the first few weeks. Everyone is excited by a new project but it makes a difference when you can maintain that enthusiasm for the length of the working relationship. It helps when the reseller company is responsive and also offers new ideas and innovations. If the company seems distant and uninterested, make your feelings known and try to work things out. If you are getting nowhere with your SEO resellers then it is fine, within the terms of your agreement, to remove yourself from the relationship but it helps to try and sort things out before you reach this point.

Make sure you are completely happy with the company you choose to work on your SEO for you. Ironing out any difficulties at the start, and making sure you are on the same page, prevents problems occurring in the future. The SEO reseller should be an efficient company that provides an attractive solution to your SEO needs – not someone who causes more problems than they solve. For this reason it can be good to work with a recommended company, either recommended through colleagues or friends or a company with the solid backing of other clients, past and present. Find a Marketing Reseller in and rest easy that the SEO efforts you are making are in good hands.


Louise Carr is a British freelance writer with a particular interest in digital marketing, technology and SEO Reseller issues. She writes for a number of technology and marketing blogs.

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