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Aluminum Anodes for Efficient Offshore Cathodic Protection

by seashieldmarine

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Some of the most commonly used anodes for cathodic protection of partially or fully immersed or buried steel and metal parts are magnesium (Mg), zinc (Zn) and Aluminum (Al).These anodes play a crucial role in preventing the rusting of expensive parts of onshore and offshore structures. Amongst these anodes, Aluminum anodes have achieved potential advantages and popularity in offshore cathodic protection due to their low density, large electrochemical equivalent, large availability, thermal and electrical conductivity, high current capacity, low specific weight and reasonable cost. Pure or alloyed Aluminum rods offer higher operational excellence in several saline environments like seawater, marine muds and brackish waters. The anode is readily available in wide arrays of sizes, shapes and configurations and offer unmatched protection to rudders, outboard motors, propeller shafts etc of your marine vessels.

MerCruiser Aluminum anodes

The anode offers longer performance and unmatched corrosion protection in many offshore applications. Boat and vessel owners worldwide prefer Al anode to provide effective protection to their expensive MerCruiser stern drive engine. There are several manufacturers who provide MerCruiser Aluminum Anodes in myriad of dimension, weights and configuration to be used in high seas.

Why Aluminum anode for MerCruiser corrosion protection?

Aluminum anodes have been extensively used in brackish or marine water applications due to their advantages like:

The anode lasts longer due to their increased current capacity

Al anode is more active than Zinc, hence it is considered as the best material to be used in brackish waters

The anode can be used safely and effectively in all kinds of waters

The anode is much more lighter than Zinc; hence it easier to carry

Aluminum anode is eco friendly compared to other anode material

Use of requisite percentage of activators on Al anodes improves the performance of aluminium anode in high seas. Some of the most popular alloy combinations used for cathodic protection include, tin-activated aluminium alloy anodes, bismuth-activated aluminium alloy anodes, indium-activated aluminium alloy anodes, Metal Oxide-activated aluminum alloy anodes, Mercury-activated Aluminum alloy anodes

Keep an eye on your anode

As Aluminum anodes are sacrificial in nature, it is crucial to check the size of the anode once in a while. It is recommended to replace the anode immediately once its size has reduced considerably. Also, many reputed and renowned manufacturers recommend not to paint the anode when installing to metal parts. This is because Al anodes provide effective protection only when they are in direct contact with the metal to be protected.

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