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Transylvania Holidays – Exploring The Mysterious Lands

by medleytravel

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Humans are the only species known to travel for simple, plain pleasure and the curiosity to find new places and enjoy the new landscapes. It is indeed very well advised that a person must travel to new places every once in a while to keep oneself away from stress and for the sheer joy of travelling itself. Travelling to new places not only gives pleasure but also helps an individual understand various cultures and ways of life. Travelling to new places helps in unraveling the mysteries of historical sites first hand and being able to get a good feel of the place in person.


Moreover the modern transport systems have eased the travel experience even more bringing comfort and economy of time to the scene. A person can now easily travel from place to place in a matter of hours without worrying about the food and drinks in between. These may seem strange concerns today but they were very relevant in our recent past. The Internet has played an even more important role in shrinking the world right into our desktops. Now a person can find about places to travel, buy tickets and book accommodation - all while enjoying the comforts of your home.


And when you have this much ease and convenience, why not travel to a destination that is truly one of a kind? How would you like to enjoy a fun filled and exciting holiday in Transylvania?


Don’t know much about the place? Let me open your eyes to the paradise that is this place!


Since the publication of the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker in 1897, Transylvania has been unmistakably linked to place of vampires and magic in the English speaking world.  But there is a lot more to it!


Transylvania has always been known for it's breath taking landscapes and the intoxicating natural beauty. It is amongst the very few places on earth that are still pretty much unaffected by the rigors of human presence and is far away from industrialization.


Located in the central parts of Romania, it is a very historical location with many sites of extreme importance ranging from old churches to castles. All the sites are open for tourism throughout the year and offer firsthand experience of the medieval age architecture and culture. Transylvania hosts a number of different festivals all round the year. There are many film festivals and musical festivals taking place throughout the year as well.


Transylvania is literally central to many small historical medieval cities sporting many historical sites. Once you are in the region, you can easily travel back and forth to all these locations. The hotels and restaurants in Transylvania can be easily booked over the Internet and offer from luxurious to affordable accommodation with a wide range of selection. The region is well connected to the outside world with a network of regular flights and hence is extremely easily accessible from all parts of the world. In short, holidays in Transylvaniaare quite literally a dream come true!


So if you are in mood of a vacation that is far from any chaos and stress, Transylvania is your dream location as it offers breathtaking views and natural beauty, all away from the traffic jams and the usual clutter of other tourist destinations. Enjoy the soothing calmness of the medieval era with a Transylvania holidayextravaganza. Visit to know more!


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Rick Johansson is a well known travel industry expert who writes many informative articles about various amazing and unexplored tourist destinations across the globe. He recommends Romania and its many tourist attractions to be a great way to enjoy a scintillating vacation experience that you will remember for the rest of your life! You can visit to know more about the place.

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