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You Should Know How to Distinguish the Pearl

by anonymous

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When we refer to pearl, we will think of beauty. Pearl really give people much beauty. Everyone loves pearl and pearl jewelry. However, if you wear a piece of false pearl necklace, that will be terrible. Then you should know how to distinguish the true and false of the pearl. It is really important, because the true one is much more expensive than the false one. If you are cheated, you will lose a lot of money.
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There are many ways to help you to distinguish it. We can do it from the vision. The shape of the real one is not very regular. It seems to be translucent with jade white color, light blue color and light yellow color which are the natural colors. While the false one is usually made from glass. It has the regular shape and the similar size. Its color is not so natural but drab lacking of iridescence.
Wholesale pearl jewelry gives people many choices and also can confuse people. When you want to buy the pearl jewelry, you can rub two pearls, if you have a rough feeling, then they are real. While the false will make you feel smooth. We can also observe the drilling in the pearl. If it is clean and bright, then it is real. On the contrary, it will be false. When we touch the pearl, if we feel cool, it will be the real pearl. Sometimes we see the pearl in very good condition and they are in the same size. It must be false one.
When you decide to buy a piece of pearl jewelry to wear, you must pay attention to some aspects, such as the size, the shape, the color and the brightness. These factors can influence the pearl’s value. There are many different colors of pearls. Then the size and the location of the blemish can directly influence its value. Also the size of the hole is one of the factors that affect the price.
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The size of the pearl is one of the main factors affecting price. For a whole pearl necklace, it is more rare if the color of the pearl match the size. So that’s why that a pearl necklace can be very expensive.
Since you know how to distinguish the false and the real pearls, you can choose what you like from the jewelry store. You will not lose so much money and you can get the beautiful and valuable one.

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