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Welcome To The Future Of Television With Android Tv

by anonymous

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Back in 1973 color TV rolled out and brought home entertainment to millions, even billions of people all around the world. But in 2012, the technology had gone a step further by bringing the smart phone functionality into the TV. Now you can run Android operating system on your television and add all possible functionalities just like a smart phone.


With the help of Android technology, you can now unlock your way into the world of internet, stream online movies, access games and applications via Google Play and can make social interaction via Skype, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.


Android TV can access many websites filled with hours of videos and movies. You can watch your favorite movie or TV series with a simple click. The best thing about Android television is you can have a huge range games from Google PLAY store. If were willing to spend hundreds of dollars on consoles and the games, then good news is you can now have all of it with a Android TV.


Android TV enables you for online shopping. You can interact with your favorite e-commerce and shopping sites very easily.


If you are a smart phone user, you might know video calling is the most powerful feature of smart phone technology. On Android TV, you can have the same feature watch them on television screen too.


To turn your formal TV into a smart TV, all you need is an Android TV Dongle, which features everything, we have discussed above.


An Android TV Dongle is available at You can place your order by logging on to the website. is the leading online store, selling various electronics products, camera accessories like remote shutter release etc. You can prefer buying any electronic products from there!

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