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Traditional and Modern Asian Clothing

by luciezhang

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Among the continents of the world, Asia is the largest and has the greatest number of population. It is rich in culture, strong commerce and trading, and diversified living and lifestyle. Indeed, numerous of industries are affecting the bloom of its economy and influencing the way of their lives. One of which is the clothing industry. Yet, it is still anchored with the living formation on clothing – their culture, business, and lifestyle. Clothing is the essential thing among Asian countries. It defines what they are – heritage and religion too.

Since then, clothing industry creates a big contribution. It adds to the income generated and freshen the culture relevant to the clothing. Mainly, Asian clothing can be divided into two: for men; and for women. In India for instance, traditionally, Dhoti paired with Kurta and Gandhi Tropi or Oagri is the essential dress for Indian men while Sari, a four to nine yard unstitched garment is for Indian women. Sari is coupled with upper stitched garment called choli/blouse.  In Japan, wafuku is the named for their clothing and they wear this is various ceremonies, weddings, funeral and other events. Somehow, most of the Asian nations’ clothing have similarities. As distinction, Japanese people wore traditional Asian clothing.  It was during the 19th century where kimono served as their clothing. This is a long robe with sleeves made of different materials and came in different colors.  Before they introduced this as an Asian clothing made of silk, it was formerly made of linen but drawn in different colors as well. Other nations have their own customary clothing.

Asian clothing even reaches the western hemisphere because of the trading by history. It rapidly expands covering other continents in the world. It gets to Europe and United State of America as their global influence. Likewise, they consider it as market by introducing their product to those countries whereby the world had seen their drastic influence in clothing industries. Up to now, there are leading and well-known brand of Asian clothes staying the market in Europe and USA., DHgate, Fashion4us and others are the known one in the industry. Mainly because of the lower cost attached to their product, Asian clothing are also known. With the low price offering, it even adds to their market structure. Also, they made use of internet marketing to expand the coverage for promoting their products. It was an opportunity for them at the same time to collaborate traditional and modern Asian clothing. Companies are now working for it unstoppably to mobilize the said industry.

As philosophy for most Asian clothing that affects their behavior and approaches for this: Low cost=High sales. It states that the lower the prices of your product, it is more attractable for the costumer to purchase it. They believe mass of lower cost products generates higher sales. Japan, as the main developing the fashion in Asian got an idea of mixing the west style with the traditional one. In fact, Takada Kenzo, Limi Feu H. Naoto, Issey Miyake and the others dominates the market with this variation of style.

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