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Ultrasound Therapy and the Use of Home Ultrasound Machines

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Ultrasound therapy has long been used by health care professionals on treating patients who suffer from a wide array of medical conditions. Many of these health conditions fall under the categories of injuries, such as soft tissue lesions, minor bone fractures, inflammation, and pain. In addition to being extremely helpful in treating and managing such conditions, the use of therapeutic ultrasound also has other great benefits. One of these is the overall improvement of tissue, muscle, and bone health. Therefore, your primary health care supplier may have recommended that you invest in a home ultrasound machine to manage your own healing and recovery.

Purchasing your own ultrasound device for home and personal use is a worthy investment. The use of ultrasound machines for home therapy is considered a safe way to alleviate chronic pain, as long as the user will follow directions of its use properly. They used pulsed ultrasound waves, instead of continuous ultrasound waves that are used in professional units found in doctor’s offices and hospitals. The use of pulsed waves renders ultrasound therapy safe for home use. You can also use these portable ultrasound units for travel, too. Athletes, in particular, find portable or home ultrasound machines the best way to keep in the competition.

There is no pain associated with the application of therapeutic ultrasound. This is because the sound waves emitted by the ultrasound machine are extremely low frequency. These low frequency sound waves create micro-vibrations that offer soothing relief. Ultrasound waves actually produce warmth, which helps heal deep tissue injuries, reduce inflammation, and aid in mobility.

Application of therapeutic home ultrasound can be performed from five to fifteen minutes per session. The process can be performed on a daily basis, or twice a day, depending on the condition of the patient, as well as the intensity of the sound waves. According to research, the results of therapeutic ultrasound are much better if the treatment is applied over a long period of time.

Perhaps the biggest attraction to the application of therapeutic ultrasound is the fast, noticeable improvements that you will experience in just a matter of a few weeks. As your level of pain decreases and your mobility increases, you’ll feel stronger and healthier. Imagine the amount of money you’ll save managing your own ultrasound treatments, instead of going to the doctor on a regular basis, over weeks or months.

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