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More about the Raleigh Septic Tank Cleaning Service

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A septic system is like having the own backyard sewage treatment plant (every homeowner's dream!). This means that one don’t have to pay annual sewage fees to the city. It also means that all maintenance and repairs are the responsibility-not an especially prestigious role, but isn’t it nice to know one is keeping all the waste management in the family? If one is new to septic systems, it’s time to learn about the professionals who will keep the backyard plant running smoothly: Pumping/Raleigh septic tank cleaning service technicians perform periodic cleaning of septic tanks and limited routine inspections. System designers conduct site evaluations and locate and design new septic systems according to local building and zoning codes. System installers construct new systems and make major repairs and alterations to existing systems. Inspectors thoroughly test and evaluate existing systems, perform compliance inspections for permits, and issue compliance certificates and inspection reports. The state or municipal licensing board may issue licenses separately for any of the above services, or it may license for a combination of disciplines. One advantage of hiring, and getting to know, a full-service contractor (one who handles cleaning, inspection, design, and installation) is that the same pro or company can correct any problems that are discovered during routine cleanings and inspections.


As always, interview at least three candidates before hiring an unknown contractor for any type of septic service. Find out how long the company has been in business and how much experience they have with the type of project or service. Contact references and run a background check on each candidate. If applicable, obtain written bids for repair, installation, or design work. Compare candidates based on experience and expertise, reputation, cost, and the scope of their services. Automatically choosing the lowest bidder is dangerous with septic systems, because incomplete service or poor design work can go unnoticed for a long time and end up costing one a lot more in the long run. Here are some additional considerations for each type of septic service:


Raleigh septic tank cleaning professional should visually inspect the leach field (drain field) for signs of problems, such as seepage above ground (major problem) and tire tracks or other indications of heavy traffic (major problem waiting to happen).The pumping should be done through the tank’s maintenance hole, not through the inspection pipe. Before pumping, the technician should visually inspect the contents of the tank to look for non-biodegradables and other items that clog the system (and give one a stern talking-to if he finds them). He should then completely pump out the tank and back flush it. After the tank is clean, the pumper should check the tank baffles to ensure they are properly positioned. Designers must visit the property and conduct soil tests to evaluate the site in detail. The final design and system specifications are based on the site evaluation and test data, the size of the home and how many fixtures it has, and any additional elements required by local regulations.


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