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The Best Times to Visit Rome and Stay in Vacation Rental

by luciamathias

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Italy is a popular destination for tourists, whether these tourists are backpackers, families or solo travelers. In terms of tourism, Italy offers something to every type of visitor year-round. Of course, there are certain times of the year to visit the country that are more advisable from a financial perspective. The summer months are the busiest time of the year for tourists with rates lowering in September. Tourists planning their holiday in Rome can also save more by opting for vacation rentals Rome. Staying in an apartment in Rome is considerably cheaper than staying in hotels. However, there are more tips that can help prospective visitors reduce their overall costs.

 Airline fares are much cheaper starting from September to March, but become more expensive once the Christmas season kicks in. The peak season for tourist season starts from late May until the end of July. Tourists who want to visit Rome during this time of the year should book far in advance. Meanwhile, hotels, villas and apartments tend to have lower rates during the spring and fall, otherwise known as the shoulder seasons. However, the best deals on accommodations are often given during the winter season with the exception of Christmas.

 Due to the affordable accommodation rates and fair weather, the spring and fall seasons would be the best time to visit Italy. The months of April, June, September and October are the most favorable time of the year for tourists uninterested in crowds. The climate is generally fair with sunny skies and moderate daytime temperatures. During this time of the year, tourists should find it comfortable to see popular attractions of the country. They may have to wear a jacket at night, but most of will find it enjoyable enough to dine outside.

 Many travel experts advise tourists in Italy against visiting during the month of August. During this month, the climate can be very torrid. Tourists may find the heat unbearable especially if they visit cities where air conditioning is unavailable. However, for people who are used to the heat, August can be an ideal time to visit, as the accommodation rates are less expensive and less people visit during this time.

 Tourists who want to cut down on their traveling expenses should consider reserving vacation rentals Rome. An apartment in Rome is generally cheaper than a hotel room regardless of the time of the year. They can find great deals on Italy accommodations by logging on to Rome Address at

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