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Reevaluating How To Achieve Athletic Excellence By Using Sti

by garretkramer

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Performance coaching is about delivering possibilities never heard of when approached alone. Garret Kramer does that and more by including what he calls “stillpower,” the topic of his new book Stillpower: The Inner Source of Athletic Performance. Stillpower makes use of the innate principles of mind, consciousness, and thought to develop the understanding essential to make your athletic, business, or life experience more successful, productive, and enjoyable. By making use of this revolutionary approach, he teaches that there is a distinction between looking outside for answers and looking inside.

A lot of athletes-whether it is in a little league or the big leagues-have been taught to practice, practice, practice and that getting revved up for the big game will lead to success. Garret proposes something much unusual-he maintains that the secret to athletic excellence lies in returning to a childlike state where “the zone” comes spontaneously.

Parents looking to enhance the athletic skills of their children, students attempting to excel in college sports, and even professional athletes hoping to figure out the next best opportunity to enhance their physical and mental abilities are all seeking the key to what separates the good athletes from the great. While many tools, techniques, and options promise to improve athletic performance, a small number of of these strategies have proven effective for the long term.

Athletes pursuing what is known as the “prime athletic zone” have a tendency to turn towards conventional resources such as motivational speeches, ritualistic habits, or other techniques intended to assist enhance their mental energy. People do not turn to these resources because they’re effective, but, rather, as these are the strategies instilled in them from their days of youth. The issue with attempting to enter the zone, however, is that using willpower to get there only takes you farther from it.

When you’re young, you take part in sports without restriction and often discover amazing natural athletic ability. This unhindered opportunity for accelerated athletic performance happens as a result of lack of external pressures children feel initially and their ability to naturally reap the benefits of the zone. This possibility is usually lost, however, when parents or coaches find out the athletic abilities of some children and then begin to use performance coaching to further improve that natural ability.

Through drills, lessons, and sports psychology which all press the significance of willpower, the person's ability to naturally determine “the zone” becomes lost. While access to this coaching does aid to improve the capabilities of a few individuals, it can often also place a significant amount of pressure on a person to the point where he or she stops taking part  in sports on the whole. Instead of continuing to use the outdated methods of traditional performance coaching, why not take a look at the inner journey-a form of psychology which incorporates the mine/body/spirit that has proven extremely beneficial to athletes?

Garret Kramer’s idea of embracing a still mental focus helps relieve people of the mental pressures of exterior forces and start to discover the natural tendency for performance they once enjoyed in their youth. By adopting a sports psychology of stillpower, it is possible for you to move beyond the restrictions of ineffective willpower and discover a more simplistic approach to accessing the zone during your demands for athletic performance.

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