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Maximising Limited Space for Parking

by jerrispargo

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In busy countries where businesses and the corporate industry are thriving, almost everyone owns one or more vehicles; hence the need for available parking spaces is increasing as well. The huge volume of cars at a given time is posing parking problems for shopping establishments, offices and institutions. Businesses are faced with the challenge of providing sufficient parking spaces for their clients, employees and customers, and this can also directly affect their business or sales. As such, companies need to develop and utilise parking software systems and solutions that can make parking easier for everyone.

Conventional parking systems such as parking lots and buildings are no longer the answer to the growing need for parking spaces. Parking systems are being designed to manage car spaces in a more efficient and orderly manner, even accommodating more cars within the limited space. Currently, there are puzzle parking systems and multi-level state of the art automated vehicle parking systems that are beneficial in maximising available space. Some companies also have modern car parking solutions that are simple and easy to operate. Such parking solutions offer a more organized and secure parking space.

Today’s prevalent parking trend is on the use of automated applications and solutions in mechanical vehicle storage systems that makes parking quick and effortless. Business owners and clients do not have to worry about security too as most of these utilise 24-hour monitoring systems.

The mechanical car parking and vehicle storage system also has the additional advantage of making all parking spaces directly accessible. Any car can be ready to go in a few minutes. Multiple independent systems with multiple parking spaces each can also be built side by side, increasing the system’s capacity.

After parking the vehicle in the hand-over room of the vehicle storage system, the customer can immediately go about their business – no more long walks out of multi-story or vast parking lots anymore. Vehicle pick-up from such vehicle and car stacking system is just as simple, and the car is positioned in an easy drive-out position using a car turning circle.

Both the construction, follow-up and maintenance costs of a mechanical car park and storage system are comparatively modest. First, for the same number of parking spaces, a mechanical car park and storage system will require less land space and construction compared to most parking lots or buildings. Additionally, the operation of mechanical parking systems incurs less in terms of maintenance, energy and service costs.

Finally, there are a lot of ideas and options in the physical or outside design of a mechanical car park and storage system. Manufacturers and dealers can provide cost-effective architectural and planning consultations and recommendations on the best car parking solutions that will best fit your budget and needs. Always remember to choose and utilise car park solutions that can manage your limited space and yet fits all your needs and requirements.

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