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Traverse city transmission service

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Traverse City Transmission Service Can Ensure Intelligent Transmission Rebuild
A highly complex component of a car’s engine, the transmission is what runs the gear shift and ratio between speed-torque for delivering power to its wheel. Not only is it responsible for reducing speed of rotation, it also increase torque and any issue with transmission directly affects the smoothness with which the gears change, and the car runs. Traverse City transmission service centers provide different services for tending to transmission issues in different automobile makes. While regular and small hiccups in transmission operation are easily sorted out, higher level repair is performed for a rebuild of transmission which entails a complete opening-up and part-by-part testing and replacement.

Signs of Damage

Most visible signs that transmission has suffered damage are problems while changing the gears or when they’re moved to neutral. At these times a worn out transmission will make a grinding noise or there will be either humming or clunking sounds which will become louder when the gear stick is moved to neutral. Along with this smell of fluid being burned, a dragging and grinding clutch are other signals. In all these, the gear isn’t likely to change smoothly and there would be a delay during shifts while the RPM would be quite high for particular speed.


It’s not easy to rebuild transmissions which have gone kaput. A mechanic has to be really knowledgeable about the transmission functioning and parts and be able to disintegrate this component which has many small parts joined in different ways. For rebuilding the usual strategy adopted is checking every part, each component for its condition and mechanical soundness of functioning and through this labor intensive process different sections of transmission are checked and repaired. If the fluid level has gone low in transmission this is corrected. Dirty fluid is changed as this can create problems in shifting gears. In automatic transmissions computer programming and sensors are checked. Every part is cleaned and any outdated component is changed. Seals, gaskets are components that should be replaced frequently.

Repair Shops

Repairing transmission requires testing of electrical system and replacement of all damaged smaller parts like seals and bands, filters and valves. Repair shops keep these soft parts as well as the hard parts like drums, pumps, casing and converter handy for replacement. An early detection of problems by having Traverse City transmission service centers check transmission and make minor repairs in time can save owners a bundle. Owners should look for certified technicians for realistic repair work.

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