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Seeking Summer Solutions from New Jersey Roofing Contractors

by williamgulliver

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Summer is often the time for outdoor fun, beach parties, and plain old laying back at home, for the most part. When you live close to the Pennsylvania or New York statelines, you may even send your children off to summer camp. Temperatures rise for so many reasons, it can be hard to keep things in line at home.

However, summer is also one of the bigger acid tests for your roofing system. The roof was already tested hard during the winter, and the spring weather gradually temps up its resistance to heat. Still, you have no idea whether the roof can withstand the searing heat that comes when summer is at its peak. A roof that can't provide enough ventilation in the face of high temperatures will often mean high air conditioning expenses. If you believe your roof is not prepared for this, credible New Jersey roofing contractors may offer replacement solutions with some actually taking the cake.

The most cost-effective of them is reflective roofing. Recognized by the federal government in 2003 for its ability to help in energy savings, reflective roofs usually have coats of white, heat-resistant paint on the surface. This reduces heat absorption and lowers the temperature in the home.

A metal roof is another option worth seeking. Several roof manufacturers offer this with warranties of at least 40 years. Homeowners concerned with their roof not matching their home's architecture need not fret because a metal roof can be painted to look like asphalt or slate shingles. Metal roofs are also capable of withstanding winds of up to 120 miles per hour, so even if you're living far from NJ's Atlantic coast, you'll still be safe, just in case.

Advances in roofing technology have resulted in the development of thermal-activated roofing tiles. These are designed to become heat-absorbent or reflective depending on prevailing weather conditions. This adaptability results to increased energy savings, especially when it's the middle of summer and you can't resist the urge to turn on the AC.

These are just some options you can consider when you seek trusted roofers in NJ to work on your roofing. Although some may be more expensive than regular roofing, you'll be able to recoup your expenses because of increased energy savings. To learn more, check out

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