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Places you must visit in Egypt if you love photography

by askaladdin

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There is a photographer within every one of us! Some people have got photogenic memories while some love to capture the frames in their high-tech equipments! Photography, in fact, is an art which is loved by almost everybody and is often enjoyed by people of all ages. One does not need to be an accomplished photographer in order to take the snapshots of the pyramids and sphinx. When you are on an Egyptian vacation, then it is your camera which would do the talking on its own, regardless of your limited skills!

Some of the best places are enlisted below. You must include these places in your Egypt tour package if you wish to take some memorable photographs:

i. Giza: At Giza, you get the best bunch of pyramids. Both in terms of number and height, Giza enjoys an unwavering popularity! The tallest pyramid of Khufu is also situated in this corner! Try to take multiple photos of the pyramids in various modes and from different angles. In addition, do not miss out on the Sphinx! Sphinx, in fact, is often considered as the better subject for photography because of its mystery and enigma! Its missing nose adds another dimension to its puzzling vista!

ii. Bazaars of Cairo: Photography and culture go hand in hand. So, if you wish to explore the culture of the native people through the eyes of your camera, then do reserve a few hours for dropping by at the local bazaars of Cairo. You can also do some shopping at the same time since these are great places to look for souvenirs and a whole lot of merchandize. Cairo is almost always included in any Egypt tour package.

iii. Temples at Luxor: Make sure to visit Luxor and your camera would begin to dance in delight! Luxor has temples which are the most ancient and the most humongous. Getting some photos of these monuments would be a great addition to your photographic resume!

iv. Streets: Photographers love to take strolls in streets either alone or with a friend or colleague! It is believed that some of the best images which one can capture are the ones that are taken impulsively and often during casual walks. The streets of the Egyptian towns are lined up with old buildings, some archaic landmarks and a host of mosques. You will get some fabulous opportunities to take photos.

v. Aswan High Dam: If you happen to visit Aswan, then make sure to get a snap of the Aswan High Dam. It is one of the top attractions of the country.

Photography may be prohibited at some sites or attractions. So, make sure that you are abiding by the regulations.

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