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Adult novelties historical facts are amazing. Some references on the history of the female vibrator are found when this image appears as a decorative or sculptural reference to the celebrations of the festival of fertility and harvest. Images from the vagina, penis and egg have been obvious choices of humanity when they celebrated the rituals of fertility. In 1955, archaeologists discovered in Corsica, phallic monuments that were three feet high belonging to the Bronze Age (ca. 4000 BC).


During the middle Ages, vibrators for women started to become common in Europe. In the eighteenth century these additions were perfected with pendulums and spheres oscillatory and embellished with inlaid silver or ivory.


Vibrant invention


Of course the so-called pelvic massage didn’t really cure hysteria and the patients had to receive medical treatment. According to statements, during the Victorian era, women would get the pleasure they did not receive in their homes with doctors. Believe it or not, this practice was considered socially acceptable. This behavior was explained by the acceptance of "androcentric model of sexuality", who believed that sex was only for penetration and male ejaculation.


Since the use of the vibrator was on the clitoris and external to the vagina, it was concluded that there was no sexual contact and that the procedure was purely medical. This certainly caused more controversy with the introduction of the speculum and many years after: the tampon use.

In 1883, a new book entitled "Women's Health" was published. The author recommended the new vibrators to treat "hyperemia pelvic" or congestion of the genitalia. The vibrators were operated with electricity, batteries, pedal, water turbine, and air or gas engine and seemed more of heavy engineering equipment.They had speeds ranging from 1000-7000 beats per minute and its price in 1904 ranged from fifteen to two hundred dollars depending on the model.


Some early sextoy models were outrageously expensive, as the "Chattanooga" that sold for two hundred dollars at the end of the nineteenth century. However, in 1905 the vibrators were already smaller and cheaper and included several provisions for other domestic use as beater.


In fact, the vibrator was the item for home to be electrified, after the coffee maker, fan, sewing machine and toaster and preceded by no less than ten years to the vacuum cleaner and ironing of clothes, because their manufacturers probably fell short of consumers' priorities of his time.


In the mid-twentieth century, dildos and vibrators began appearing advertised in magazines and catalogs female as a "tool for stress and anxiety feminine." Nowadays, their use is encouraged as a way to keep women relaxed and happy.  Wrapping it up, the reign of the vibrator as a tool for medical offices ended in 1920, when he began appearing in pornographic films and lost their respectability as appliance. On the other hand, the medicine had advanced and had a deeper understanding of female sexuality. The propaganda about the vibe disappeared from magazines and catalogs.


Nowadays, all sorts of debates are going on. Yet, taboos are being removed. The real question to ask is whether the dissatisfaction is occasional or chronic. No matter what, you can benefit from sex toys australia.

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