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Get The Best Out Of Each Sexual Encounter

by adultmart

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If you want to spice up things in every sexual encounter, read on. You will be able to learn about evolution of adult toys and so on. It was back in the year 1200 when they invented penis rings. The first of which is known were created in China and were made with goat eyelids. The ring or lasso was tied on the erect penis and said to increase sexual pleasure. The term "dildo" was given during the Renaissance in Italy, probably from Latin dilatare - dilate. At that time were made of wood and leather dildos and required for use olive oil as a lubricant.


Moreover, later, around 1600 the modern cock ring clitoral stimulator was invented by the Chinese. It was made with ivory and carved with figures of dragons. Generally, this consisted of rings slid over the penis to maintain an erection longer. Eventually the tabs of carved dragons were extended in order to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse.


During mid-eighteenth century, Europeans began brothels specializing in flagellation and other forms of corporal punishment relating them to sex (bondage and sadomasochism). In 1791 he published the Marquis de Sade's Justine, from which comes the word sadism precisely. His controversial writings popularized the sado-masochism and bondage, making famous the use of tools such as whips and handcuffs.


In 1869 the first vibrator was invented by American doctor George Taylor. Driven by steam, the machine was invented for the treatment of "hysteria," a disease that was thought to be caused by the lack of sex. Victorian Era and a woman's sexual desire were not seen as normal but as a disease. Yes! The common treatment for hysteria vulva massages was provided by physicians. These were given until the woman reached a paroxysm; it was really an orgasm and was thought to be the cure for hysteria. Taylor invented the vibrator as a medical solution to help in curing the disease.


The female vibrator became 1882 battery in a device through the English physician Joseph Mortimer Granville, who in addition to the vibrator more comfortable to use, added various attachment


Sex toys, like vibrators for women are today exhibited in showcases of any city and achieved at low prices for men and women are not as old as the pleasures of eroticism, but old enough to ensure that there are new materialized in our times. (See also: Prostitutes thwart a robbery with sex toys defending)


Wrapping it up, as you can tell, about 2,500 years ago, in villages such as China, Rome, Egypt and Greece they did not lack creative minds that produced dildos of various materials and multiple sizes.


Women and men were having fun in Greece with penises made of wood, which is then moistened with olive oil. If you are single you should not feel the need to masturbate. It really has nothing to do sex with yourself than with a partner, not substitute, in any case complementary. There are times when you feel like having sex and your partner is not around, or just simply at that time or you feel like it's easier and faster to have sex with yourself. At no time you should see this as a betrayal. Enough said, consider optimal sex shop online deals. You can even find the latest porn dvd collection.

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