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Wondrous LED Glow Stick and its Characteristics

by justartifacts

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LED glow sticks are the great alternative to traditional lighting decorations. Decorative sticks are available in different colors that make them ideal ornamental artifact for night festivity. They are one of the most popular play items for recreation events like camping, scuba diving, etc. They are commonly used in New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, weddings, events, etc. and is captivating decorative pieces for many other occasions. No matter whether it is a party or traditional fête, glowing sticks bring a positive feel and excitement.

Different colored glow sticks not only add color of joy and excitement, but also have an extended use in emergencies (car breakdown, blackout, etc.). Moreover, they are reusable, accurate and have less scattering of light compared to ordinary lights. LED glow sticks comprise unique features and versatile applications that make them good and affordable option for fulfilling lighting needs.

LED Glow Sticks - Wondrous and Reasonable

With specific features and amazing applications, glow stick can get-together with any party theme. So, whether it is social gathering or romantic dinner, embracing your surrounding with glowing sticks is definitely going to augment the occasion. Here are some notable features that make glowing stick a wondrous and reasonable decorative element for many celebrations.

Weight less and Glow bright

LED sticks weight less and can be hand-held easily; which is an ideal requirement for a rave and similar parties. The LED source in the stick provides superior and brighter light. Within seconds, they get turn-on with full brightness. They help in cutting down the celebration expenses, as they consume less amount energy.


Sticks come with human-friendly setup. They have push button to ON or OFF the light. They also consist of a wrist strap and provide ease of handling. The stick comes with an in-built battery and neck-ribbon that makes it easy for user to hang. The light gets turned on with the movement of electrons, and hence stick does not get warm. This makes it friendly for humans and safe to use for many occasions.

Wind & Flame Resistant

Some of the glowing stick characteristics like wind-proof and flame resistance make it the perfect lighting source for outdoor parties. Moreover, in case of severe weather conditions, your party efforts will not go in vain. Hence, there is no requirement of flame to light the LED stick and no wind can turn it OFF.

Bring Fun & Excitement

Glowing sticks are popularly used in night and themed parties. They add fun and excitement to many bashes. They can be used in decorating parties and also distributed as party favors. The artifact comes with wrist strap that allow party guests to hold them hands, and create lively and cheerful atmosphere.

Bright Safety Aid

With bright light and flameless characteristics, glowing stick can be used as an immediate functional accessory in emergencies. It can be an essential part of your car, office and home emergency kit. They serve as the bright safety aid in situations like, car breakdown, blackouts, natural disasters, etc.

The most important feature of sticks is that you do not need to worry about their expiry date. As long as they are stored in dry and cool place, they need no maintenance. However, you just need to check the battery at times. The color light from the stick is very pleasing to eyes. They add fun and functionality when used properly. Hence, right from party element to providing safety in emergencies, different colored LED glow sticks have effective and diverse applications.

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