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How NJ Pest Control Teams Work

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When the pests are pesky and the insects are invading your home, who you gonna call? Hopefully, a good NJ pest control service.

Pest control services are definitely under-rated. With the internet spewing DIYs and tips and tricks from every corner, people have decided to take pest control actions themselves, instead of calling for help. There have been too many fires and accidents resulting from DIY pest and insect control. Professional services, on the other hand, use Integrated Pest Management methods to bring those bugs to heel.

Here is how a professional NJ pest control service would handle a cry for help (Please adopt the tone of a 60s TV show narrator):

After receiving the cry for help, NJ Pest control zooms to action. The team hops into the Pestmobile (name still under consideration) and heads over to your place.

Upon reaching, the pest control team questions you, listens to your problems and takes a close look at your surroundings. You will not be judged if the cleanliness of your house- or the lack thereof- is responsible for the pest attack (you will be judged secretly).

The NJ Pest Control team will then try to identify exactly what kind of bug/pest/rodent is invading your home and will come up with an Integrated Pest Management plan to get rid of the problem once and for all. That’s how IPM rolls- it aims to get to the root of the problem.

The root of the problem has been found out. All that clutter and that puddle next to your home are the real culprits. One offers a safe place to hide and thrive, the other offers a great place to procreate. These, obviously, have led to the rise in the number of insects in your place to unacceptable levels.

The NJ Pest Control team eliminates the clutter and the puddle. The little creepy creatures have nowhere to hide now. They are in panic mode. They are in open sight. With a few well-placed and well-used organic and biological pest control methods, they are eliminated. The NJ Pest Control team says ‘No’ to chemical pesticides and bug bombs.

Your home is then monitored for the next few days to make sure that the threat has indeed been eliminated. Why yes. Indeed they have been eliminated.

You rejoice. You pay the NJ Pest Control team- ain’t nobody got time for free services. And you live happily ever after.

Looking to hire a great NJ Pest Control team? Send your cry for help to Alliance Pest Services (

 ). For more information on Integrated Pest Management, visit the Environmental Protection Agency.

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