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Are you looking for a good housing scheme?

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What factors and attributes do you consider while buying a house? The location should be safe, peaceful and beautiful, the neighbors should be kind and nice, the good schools should be near, and the general store should be in the street, the market place should be close to your residence. Moreover a good house has qualities such as it should be tidy, easily Navigated (not small rooms or awkward flooring), safe, organized, calmly decorated (no non-luminous paint), good seating, ambiance (nice feeling inside)

A house ought to be a house wherever you can take pleasure from your full time fresh and calm. It should be luxurious, comfortable, fully furnished. It should have swimming pool. It is supposed to be located near Market, Airport, and Metro station. The road and streets should be tidy and dirt free,
it must have big Garden, big hall, big kitchen, everything should be out of this world.


These are the main factors that are mostly considered and concerned while buying a house:


Location is a very important factor that affects a house as if the location is pleasant, peaceful and safe; there are no chances of robbery, kidnapping, murders or any other mishaps. Other thing while choosing a good location should be kept in mind that the area should be populated and more people are living there.


School district


Another very essential factor of a good house is that an excellent school should be in reach and in the vicinity of your house.


Walking area


Nearly everyone likes to take a walk in the morning after waking up and after the dinner. So it is good if there is a path or a walking area near your house.


Amusement parks


Children love to enjoy themselves while playing with their neighbors and friends and if there is an amusement park near to your house or even in your area then you should take your children or younger sister or brother there that will be a good source of entertainment for them.


Good structure

When it comes to buying a home, you want to avoid major structural issues that will cost you big money to fix or will diminish your leverage when it’s time to sell if you haven’t fixed them


  • Here are some of the features most people want, but won’t be cost effective for you to add:
  • Here are some other cheap ways to improve a home’s curb appeal before you sell it:
  • Central air conditioning
  • Nice kitchen cabinets (or cabinets that will be nice when refinished)
  • Fireplace
  • Garage
  • Energy-efficient windows
  • Paint the shutters
  • Power wash everything
  • Refinish the porch
  • Add landscaping that looks great year-round
  • Water the grass until it’s the greenest on the block
  • Add a nice new mailbox and address numbers

Now it is your time to think and select that what features and traits you should keep in mind while buying a house that will give you comfort, pleasure and happiness!

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