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Maternity precautions for teen age mothers

by johnmash

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In a survey in United States it was found out that atleast 10 Million teenage girls become pregnant .  4 out of 10 girls become pregnant atleast once before they pass high school.  Teenage pregnancy  is also the highest in the world which is double the number as in Canada  and four to five times that of in France and Germany.  Babies  born to teen mothers cause problems like blindness, unhealthy under weight, deafness and  mental retardation.  This premature pregnancies lead to deformities in child. This is again  exacerbated by smoking, drinking  habits even during pregnancy.  Teenagers  are immature and unaware about unprotected sex and ,so, they consider sex casually.  Precaution for teens  to avoid teenage pregnancy  can be using  condoms,  using birth control pills, abstain from  sexual intercourse at an  early age,  proper consulting about unplanned teenage pregnancy  from parents. 


High risk pregnancy is ought to be for women  who  are pregnant  at an age before 17 years  and above 40 years.  Pregnant  women runs the risk of premature child delivery, presence of low iron in blood,  high blood pressure, protein in urine and baby with low birth weight.  Teens  unplanned sex followed by premature pregnancy give rise to severe frustration  and so followed by intake of alcohol, smoking and illegal drugs. This is harmful  not only to the mothers health, but, also the baby get affected. Regular doctor check up is essential to stay tuned with the health.  Premature child delivery lead to backache, cramp in the pelvis, vaginal discharge in women. Another medical deformation in teens is Preeclampsia which shows symptoms of swelling of hands, fast weight gain, Changes in eyesight  and high blood pressure.


Teens should be counseled properly by  parents and school authorities. Proper care and transparency should be maintained with teens. Sexual relationship, premarital sex and abortion should be frequently discussed with the teens. Precautionary measures to be taken to avoid such untoward situation due to pre mature sex. After pregnancy effect and health hazards needed to be discussed every now and then. After pregnancy deformities like weight gain can be addressed by a series of precautionary measures like wearing  a C-section support belt . This kind of girdles hold the enlarged abdomen firmly and try to reduce the expanded body firm to original size. Women feel comfortable and sort out one of their factors for undergoing depression. This kind of compression garment should be followed by rigorous exercise and dietary control. Normally, teens have to face many unnatural problems  after postpartum recovery.  Teens left with the option to adopt the child or donate their child to an orphanage to escape their problems. Due to less  or no income, they were not ready to bear the risk of raising the child. In addition this they were not given privilege and frequently ignored in job and education. The child also grow up to become antisocial and spread bad message in the society.

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