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Mobile App Development - What is the Future?

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A number of recent reports have highlighted how the sales of mobile devices have surpassed that of desktop computer, laptops and notebook. Along with allowing users to stay connected with their loved ones, the mobile devices also enable them to access a wide range of information and content on the go. The unrivaled popularity of mobile devices has created huge opportunities for developers and resellers to launch new mobile apps at frequent intervals. But the mobile application development process becomes complex and complicated due to constant changes in the habits and choices of users.

Most developers also have to write different code to target individual mobile operating systems. For instance, a programmer has to write different code each time to target the Apple, Windows or Android devices. With more and more mobile devices being designed with multiple operating systems, it has become essential for each programmer to pay attention to minute details, along with possessing in-depth knowledge and adequate expertise. At the same time, a developer also needs to concentrate on creating an application development environment that makes it easier for him to build apps that can seamlessly run on major mobile operating systems.

Factors that will Affect the Future of Mobile App Development

1. HTML5: Often developers look for options to avoid longer lines of code. HTML5 is popular among mobile application developers due to its effectiveness in pushing a single app across popular mobile platforms. The developers can easily implement the same concept for multiple platforms without writing different codes. Along with saving the time and efforts of programmers, HTML5 can further make the development faster and more cost effective. Nowadays, HTML5 is also being used to build a variety of mobile application including ecommerce, social media and gaming. However, the developers still have to ensure that the UI design customized for specific mobile app must fit into HTML5 model perfectly.

2. Hybrid Apps: Similar to the native and HTML5 apps, the hybrid applications will also have a huge impact on mobile app development. Despite being hugely popular, HTML5 is still not compatible with all mobile platforms and browsers. So programmers often have to use alternative technologies to make multimedia-rich applications with Digital Rights Management. As a combination of native apps and web apps, the hybrid apps are considered to be more flexible and versatile. The hybrid apps are still popular as a powerful alternative to HTML5. Also, the developers can avail the advantages of native apps, and run their applications without requiring any internet connectivity. Along with HTML5, the hybrid apps will also affect the future of mobile application development.

3. More Enterprise Applications: Each business has to frequently explore ways to reach out the most relevant customers. With more and more people using smartphones, many businesses will create their own apps to bong with their existing customers and clients. Many local stores and restaurants have already launched downloadable apps that allow customers to place order even before reaching the location. The apps further enable the small businesses to attract customers by offering discounts and attractive deals. Similar initiatives will be taken by the large businesses to launch apps that targets their customers directly. At the same time, the big companies will try to use more innovative ideas to make their mobile applications viral among all types of users.

4. Cloud-based Services: Many people even use their smartphones and tablets to access information and content at their own pace and convenience. The way people want to access information will make cloud-based services popular. Along with capturing, storing and uploading files from their computers and mobile devices, the users will also look for options to edit and remove the data on the go. Also, the changes made by a user need to reflect on several devices immediately. So many developers will build mobile application by integrating the cloud storage and existing online services. However, the mobile application has to provide the speed and feeling of a web browser, along with having online storage and sync capabilities.

The rapid growth of mobile app industry has further made it essential for developers to make their applications competitive. This has made it imperative for mobile app development companies as well to observe the latest trends in user demand and ensure that their development teams are exposed to the latest in the mobile app development space.

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