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Read these before you invest in HYIPs

by anonymous

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Rules of Investment:

1- Be realistic and have realistic goals: HYIP programs have attracted a lot of attention with their high flying schemes and it is very easy to get tempted. Which person in his right mind would refuse an interest plan that will give a return of 100% every month? I think none will refuse but on second thoughts that seems too good to be true. Most HYIP schemes rely on people’s temptation to such unbelievable offers and when they amass a sufficient amount they literally split with the booty. So before investing your hard earned money, think clearly and decide wisely whether to invest or not.

2- Frequency of Payment: The frequency of payments can say a lot of about most HYIP sites and their standing, legal or illegal. Most of the honest sites have a fixed period of pay, daily, weekly or fortnightly, etc. Missing a payment should let the alarm bells ring as soon this may escalate to huge discrepancies in payment. Keep an eagle eye on the payment dates and amounts as any break in the routine however small might just be a starting point for the break.

3- Always invest small: Temptation may be hard to resist but in case of your hard earned money, one should practice temperance. Always invest small amounts whose loss might not affect you very much. After investing try and withdraw the principal amount and anything after that is a bonus. This acts as a safety buffer against scams and fake HYIP sites all the while ensuring that you don’t face crippling losses.
4- Diversify: Another great plan to create a buffer against scams is to invest in different HYIPs programs. By doing this one can ensure that even if some turn out to be fake, the loss can be recouped from other honest sites.

5- Research: Thorough research into a HYIP site and its reviews by different customers is a must as this will give you detailed information on its status. The age of a given HYIP site is also an important point to look forward to as the older the site the better will be the chances of its legality.

6- HYIP Monitors: HYIP monitors could be a good place to search the authenticity of a site but depending on it wholly is not recommended. A good Hyip Monitor Template combined with thorough research and good strategy will escalate you to success. The presence of a HYIP in several different monitors is always a good sign though.

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