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Best Singapore Apps to make your first visit comfortable

by leoturpin61

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You may be a travel lover and that’s what might have taken you to Singapore this vacation. If you haven’t fixed the trip yet, there is nothing to worry about as the mobile application Singapore is available at your finger tips. Those days are gone when people used mobile phones just for calling and texting messages. The advent of smart phones in Singapore with the best Singapore apps makes everything around the city easier and familiar even for the first time visitor.

I would say that this article can be an initial guide before you land the Singapore city for the vacation. All you need is a smart phone with internet connectivity. Some of the applications are built in within the phone whereas some other needs to be downloaded from the application store. Are you thinking of the money you having to spend on these? Don’t worry; every application has its free version. If you look for something high quality, then premium versions are available for some amount. is a navigation application that helps you to find the way for reaching out to nearby bus, taxi, train etc. Once the GPS is enabled in your smart phone, this application can take you to any medium of transportation available nearby. If you want to know something deep on this, download the application named, SG Buses or SMRT book a taxi etc. These are a complete directory of buses or cars available to certain routes specifying the time of arrival and departure. These are a few contributions of mobile application development Singapore that eases travelling all over the city.

Mobile app development Singapore has not only concentrated on guiding you through sightseeing, but also helps to find the best dining places. Food is one of the inevitable experiences that you shouldn’t miss at any cost when you are out to a new city for visit. HungryGoWhere, SoShiok, Makansutra etc. are a few top free mobile applications that can take you through the unique cuisine experience.

Are you finding it difficult to communicate with Singapore people? The mobile applications have solution for that too. ‘Hosay’ is a language helper that helps you to speak out to whomever and get things done. The application supports you by giving audio conversions of what others speak and definitions on saying while the casual talks. is one of the commonly used applications for finding out places where you need to go. The navigation application also helps you in finding nearby sightseeing places to make the vacation more joyful. Are you bored of tourist sites? Planning for some entertainment? Then find the theatre nearby where your favorite films are running using the app, Showtimezz. Feel each and every corner of Singapore with Mobile apps.         


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