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What to expect after breast lift surgery?

by gregore

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A breast lift will complement your appearance.
You take care of yourself and are aware of the importance of good nutrition and exercise. Good health shows in your face and physique. Exercise keeps you fit and helps you look your best. You are not vain but like most Houston women you desire to look your best, for your significant other, and most importantly for you. The area that diet and exercise isn’t helping is your breasts. They have never quite recovered their pre-pregnancy perkiness. There is a breast enhancement surgery that was created for the express purpose of bringing back perkier, more youthful breasts. It is a very popular and safe procedure called a breast lift.

If you elect to have a breast lift surgery in Houston, you will be joining the ranks of thousands of women have had and are very happy with the surgery. This procedure has a high satisfaction rate and tens of thousands are performed across our nation every year. A breast lift can bring breasts to their initial position, restoring firmness and fullness. Eliminating extra skin can enhance sagging breasts. Advanced surgical procedures and techniques have made the surgery more effective and safe with the result that scarring is diminished, breasts can be shaped easier, and patients are delighted with the outcome.

A cosmetic breast lift is a relatively straightforward course of action that entails manipulating the tissue around both breasts. It is possible that the nipples and areolas might need repositioning. Often women considering a breast lift might just have to have a little extra fat and skin eliminated and repositioned. Some women opt to have a breast lift combined with implants, for volume and to generate a natural look.

The surgeon has a variety of incisions and techniques at his or her disposal to accomplish the look you desire. Your present breast size and shape, the degree of sagging, and the flexibility of your skin determine the surgical technique to be used. The procedure will make improvements to your breast’s firmness and shape. The result is a new young-looking breast. In the course of the breast lift procedure, volume can be augmented by the insertion of implants. The surgery normally lasts between two and 4 hours.

A consultation with a Memorial Plastic Surgery's board certified Houston breast lift surgeon is the initial step on the way to your youthful looking breasts. The surgeon will assess your health and emotional state. He or she will discuss in detail the procedure, both benefits and potential risks, and what you want out of the surgery. The doctor will inquire about previous surgeries, your present medical status and your medical history, any medications you may be taking, former weight loss experience, and past pregnancies. When you have a thorough understanding of the surgery and realistic goals, you will be more than satisfied with how the breast lift complements your appearance.

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