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Have the memorial of your color, design

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Every day thousands of people leave this human adobe for the heavenly journey above. Some of them are untimely, some due to ailing diseases and some for several other reasons. When someone close to us leaves us forever it is really painful and the grief can’t be replaced by any counseling. It is for these reasons that it is said that people need to move on in their lives cherishing the memories of their loved ones. The remembering becomes more directed when things close to the people are around us. Such things can be the personal memorial that people get made when people close to around us leave us.

   Forever shining is one such professional group which is family owned and based in Australia. They offer personalized memorials and several types of architectural structures to customers all round the world. They understand the need of the personalized touch for such things that stores the memories of a lifetime worth. Headstones are perhaps one of the best ways that the burial service is remembered by the people even after long time. They have some of the best and most ultimate in design headstones available like:

  • Granite block
  • Light reflecting headstone
  • Light transmitting headstone
  • Granite inlaid and many more

  Pets are a very important part of our lives. Even when we are away from our loved ones they create a special bond with people which are something special in itself. Several films and media have concentrated to bring out this special emotional bond out in the open.  Therefore, it is expected that people feel a very special connection to them and therefore feel the pangs of grief when lose their pets. Creating memorial monuments for ones’ pet is therefore completely understandable. With Forever Shining you get the most touching of pet memorials:

  • Pet plaques
  • Pet portraits
  • Pet headstones

   Another very often used and revered type of memorial is cremation urns. Across all generations and religions cremation urns are perhaps one of the most important memorabilia of the deceased. Therefore the firm has some of the best and designer urns available for you to choose. The urns can be decorated and designed personally according to the wishes of the client.  Some of these are:

  • Granite stone urns
  • Porcelain urns
  • Marble stone urns

     Plaques have been used since early days as a memorial for the deceased. They are perhaps one of the most common types of memorial found. They can be made from several materials like marble, bronze, copper, steel and others. The plaques are designed with pictures, fashionable decorations and inscriptions according to the wishes of the client. They can put words dear to the person, lines from a poem or other such descriptions. Portraits are also one of the best ways to remember the people we love. Every house has some pictures of their loved ones. To create good portraits, collage and other types of pictorial collection Forever Shining is your best option. They have online marketing system which makes the process even easier for anyone around the world.   


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Andrew Morton, author of this article, is a renowned designer of monument as well as Melbourne cemetry headstone, who prefers to write articles on these topics too.

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