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by adultmart

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The above phrase itself has been creating too many controversies in India. There has been so many debates on this very topic but all in vain. None has reached any perfect conclusion yet. People who go in for of this statement justify that the students who go to high school are older enough to know about sex. The reason is that even if they are being prohibited from thinking about these things, they feel curious about it and start their research on sex. Internet provides sufficient knowledge about sex and pornography. Students get access to internet at a much younger age. So, they get curious about sex and start surfing on sexual topics and gradually get themselves addicted to pornography and other vulgar pictures and videos known as porn. And if at all they are being educated about sex since their high school then maybe they will get used to it and could avoid their addiction towards porn DVDs.

The people who are against this fact say that it is not worthy for the high school students and they should concentrate on their studies and gain knowledge on history, geography, science, civics etc. They even say that it is not the perfect time for the students to learn about sex. They will understand gradually. They take the negative effects of sex education in a negative way, i.e. they think that students get themselves indulged into vulgarity and nudity at a very earlier stage of their life. It is very much true that the word ‘sex’ has really got a very dirty impact on the mind of a student. Once a student gets to know about it, then it spreads in the whole class in which he studies. They get to know that these are dirty things. So, they start hiding it from their parents and other elderly persons. This makes them get notorious without their knowledge. Within few days they get themselves glued to porn movies, sex magazines. They even start developing horny sensations which would drag them towards masturbation in an early period of their life. Then they start searching for more pleasure which shows them the path of searching for the best adult stores online.

Then starts their shopping of different adult toys which they use for more pleasure and fun. After that they start involving girls into this. Girls being not enough matured in a younger age readily get themselves dragged into this mud of pornography. They start watching porn movies. They get stimulated on watching those nude scenes and start trying different ways to stimulate their sexual organs. They use hands and their fingers at first for excitation. After researching on it, they would get to learn about the different toys and adult stuffs which would help them get to the heights of ecstasy. They buy different vibrators to put them at their genitals. They even use dildos which are in the shape of male penis. They insert dildos in their vulva and enjoy artificial sex. This happens when there is no proper sex education at school level.

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