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The Importance of Office Interior Design

by transcend

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Previously considered as an ‘unnecessary expense’, office interior design is now gaining momentum in many companies. As office is a home away from home and a place where a person spends a considerable amount of their time, a pleasing and comfortable office environment becomes extremely vital.

Interior design companies and top interior designers are in great demand at present because of the numerous benefits a good interior design results in. As well as making an office look attractive and pleasant, a good office interior design is also responsible for employee retention, enhanced productivity and positivity. A well planned office interior design transforms a boring and a dull office space into a functional and visually appealing workplace that reflects the business goals and vision.

Since an office is an extension of your brand, the interior design of your office must be in tune with the functions and purpose of your business. Your clients must get a better understanding of your business by looking at the office interiors as it speaks volumes about your business approach and values. A good office interior design doesn’t only convey a business message to clients but also makes them feel welcome and comfortable. It also reflects the company’s commitment towards their employees’ comfort and happiness.

A relaxing modern office interior design encourages positivity amongst staff despite the daily challenges and work pressure that employees are surrounded with. Office lighting, space and furniture play an important role in creating a comfortable office workplace. As the work in an office is done on computers, incorrect lighting can cause discomfort to employees thus affecting the quality of their work. An interior designer needs to carefully study and analyze the lights and shadows to ensure good lighting in the office.

Whilst dim lights can put a strain on the eyes and affect the employee’s health, harsh lighting has equally damaging effects.

A cluttered workplace is very distracting and is likely to have an adverse effect on an employee’s morale. Close seating arrangements, small windows, stuffed furniture affects communication and tends to create a stressful environment for the employees. Distribution of office space has a beneficial effect on employees. Open spaces support team building efforts, boosts group cohesion and enhances team effectiveness.

While minimum attention is given to office furniture, it also plays an important part in increasing the overall productivity. The chairs used by the employees must be comfortable as the quality of work can be compromised in an uncomfortable working environment. An aesthetically pleasing office with suitable furniture creates a lasting impression on clients as well as employees.

Interior design is a powerful tool used by the companies today to maximize the productivity as it is not simply about the design but also about the mood, feeling and the atmosphere.

Sachin Boradia is the Managing Director at Transcend Design and Architecture, a leading interior design company which provides office interior design services to the customers in the UK, US, India, Canada and Middle East.



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