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The Subtle Artistry of Designer Fragrances

by anonymous

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Often, we come across mentions of alluring scents, delicate fragrances, distinguishing smells and other such glorified references of fragrances in both literature and day to day lives. There is a strong association between a fragrance and memory. One mightn’t remember the attire of another person that easily, but one often remembers the perfume used by that person. Long after one forgets what the other person wore, the memory of the perfume lingers!

It is said that a good fragrance is a powerful cocktail of emotions and memories. It is a fashion statement and describes the personality of the person wearing it. It makes one alluring to people and also leaves a deep impact. A good perfume is like attire, it is part of the ensemble; it is a way of representing oneself. It completes and compliments the personality of the wearer. It is an exquisitely subtle nuance and magnificent artistry that embellishes the personality of the wearer.

Men’s colognes have always been a favorite with the authors of romance novels. The beautiful descriptions of the cologne and its wearer and how it utterly describes his virility and how it endears him to the heroine often leaves one pining for a similar romance. Similarly, the perfume worn by the heroine and how it completes her and is unique of her and describes her and her femininity best are literary clichés. Though these are clichés, one still does enjoy reading about them and relate to them. The scents or fragrances thus forge a strong association to the personality of the wearer.

The association of smell to memory is a separate branch of science and is called olfactory memory. How is it that a fragrance can be so remembered? A perfume or scent appeals to the instincts. It kindles the imagination and ensnares the senses. It is extremely provocative and yet very subtle. In a person with literary flair, a perfume might smell as sweet as the songs of angels or be as fresh and pure as a child’s touch. In others, it might evoke primal instincts or stir the imagination. It opens new vistas and endless horizons. It captures the essence of living and it is no wonder that there are so many Designer Fragrances available today in the market.

There are innumerable brands in the market today that offer various exotic fragrances. Hermes, Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, D&G, Christian Dior, Escada, the list is endless! Not only do we have Designer Fragrances, we have fragrances for special occasions, everyday use, sportswear fragrances and what not! There are scents available for even kids to wear. Indisputably, perfumes are the best gifts to pick for any occasion. Be it a wedding gift for a bride or for a teenage girl. It wouldn’t hurt to have an extra bottle of perfume to be used for those special occasions or everyday use. offers great collection of Designer Fragrances at wholesale prices, visit us at

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