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Arba minim – qualities to be checked before buying

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Arba Minim has significant connections with the Jewish tradition. It is a set of four plants- Esrog, lulav, hadas and arava which are cited in the Torah and are immensely related to Sukkot, one of the mandated festivals for Jews, Hebrews and Israelites.

The Karaite Jews use the entire four plants to form their Sukkot while Talmudic Jews use three different varieties of branches and a single kind of fruit which they hold together and wave during the Sukkot. However the four species are of great relevance to fulfill the good deed. Arba Minim must be taken on the opening day of Sukkos and it is also used in the following six days as well. Also in the Torah it is said that you must take the plant yourself and thus it can be genuinely interpreted that to realize the mitzvah you should own the plant. It is well stated that you can’t perform the rituals with a stolen or borrowed plant. This brings in the importance of getting the best quality plant for you.

Though the laws of selecting the plant seem complex and varying, seeking the help of your rabbi will alleviate your concerns to a great extent. You can see many cut–rate vendors in the street offering you the product at amazingly lower rates. Actually they are selling the plants which are already rejected or used. Thus upon careful inspection, it willbe revealed that the product fails to meet the quality criteria to be used for performing the rituals.

The Lulav must be straight with leaves together. The length should not be less than 15 inches and the top should be there. If the top is cut off or if the Lulav is died out you can’t use them. The Hadas should also not be dried out and the branch top should be uncut. The leaves at the top must be seen as a group of three. The Arava leaves should be whole and long with smooth edge; the topmost leaf should remain intact as well. Esrog should be rough and it should have a size larger than an egg. There should not be any part missing.

The Arba Minim is usually fragile and hence must be handled with utmost care. There are lots of sellers available online but only a reputed and experienced one is capable to deliver products worthy to be used. So, proper inquiry must be made before you order one for you.

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